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Starting hanging!

Starting hanging!

I’m just wondering on what Bib hanger I should get and I was looking for some advice from you guys!

My flaccid size is around 5x5, should I be getting the bib starter or the bib hanger?

[BPEL Length 8.5] [NBPEL 8.0 - 8.5 Depending on EQ!] [BEG- 7.2] [MIDSHAFT 6.4/5] [GLANS- 6.1]

PE for life!

Bib has clear guidelines on which hanger to get, no?

Use the regular if you’re over 6”NBPEL x 5 MSEG only. Stick to the Starter for anything under 6.5”MSEG.

This would put you in the regular category, but talk to Bib on his forum, if you’re unsure.

The starter and hardcore models are better than the regular because the smaller hanger size makes adjusting easier.

-The starter and the hardcore are the same size, but one has padding and the other doesn’t.

-A guy can be too small for the regular, but you can’t be too big for the starter or hardcore.

Mid 2006 ≈5 NBPEL -----> Mar 2011 >7" NBPEL

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