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Started hanging

Started hanging

It took me a few days to assemble all the necessary supplies for a good Wench, but she’s a beauty now. Last night I tested her out, giving her a few quick adjustments, trying out different wraps, etc. I have no real news to report yet, but it feels real good. Hung 2.5 lb for a few minutes just to take her for a spin, and am doing my first conditioning sets (w/ 2.5)as I type. Will report any news/ideas/gains. Thanks for all the info everybody.


I have been hanging for about a month now and started with 2.5 lbs but have now moved up to 5 lbs. It is wise to start out with less weight until your ligs get used to the new stress. Check out this thread:

Hanging 101 + Sample Routine

Many have gotten great results from hanging and often quickly. I also like it because I can surf Thunder’s Place during my sets. Good luck with your hanging routine!


I lugged out the old measuring device, and it looks like I’ve gotten about .25” in the short time I’ve been hanging, which would give me something like 6.6 BPEL or so. Girth isn’t really my focus yet, but the old shaft is looking nice and healthy from all the attention I’ve been lavishing upon it. It’s a nice thing to see. I’ll be doing some further measuring in the near future just to give that a cross check, but the results and general feel of hanging has so far been very exciting.

Been doing about three or four 20 minute sets with 2.5 or 3.5 pounds, depending on how the ligs feel with the weights. The wench is comfy, though my wrapping technique is still amateurish at best. I’ve been studying Thunder’s more and more while I hang, which is a good thing. Thunder’s Place is the real happiest place on earth, at least if you are a vagina-hungry penis enlargement buff. Thanks guys.

That’s Fantastic Tenzing. It sounds like you got a good thing going. I’ve tried hanging a little , but no steady routine. I might have to give it a go. I look forward to your future post. Happy gaining man!

The Plumber Starting @ 6.5x5 bpe 12/20/03 Now 7.0"x5-1/8" bpel 1/20/04 Goal @ 8.5x6.5 bpe

That’s great Ten. I wonder, how bad can your wrapping be if you’re hanging comfortably and gaining? If it ain’t broke…….


Hey everybody, just checking back in on my post.

Happy to say that I’m approaching seven BPEL and getting ready for a firm landing eventually. Then again, don’t really pay much attention to that. For some reason, I’m a ruler skeptic. Hard to understand. It’s getting bigger, but I can’t even bring myself to write it down anywhere out of fear that it will magically disappear the moment I start to believe. The girth does appear to be coning up, though. Good times, good times.

But the cock feels bigger. Where I used to have a hand, a tiny bit of shaft, and the head is now the hand, an inch of shaft, and the head. Like I’ve said, I won’t sweat the ruler or the poundages, just the feel and the health of my dick. But the times are good. Very good.

Cap, I’ll say it again, the wench is the ultimate PE stealth tool. I have done almost all of my hanging, well, all of it, in complete stealth. I’m in a triple-room, leaving few chances for privacy, so I do all of my hanging standing up in a shower stall while trying to turn pages in my textbooks quietly. I’m sure the guys coming in to shower wonder what the dude at the end of the line is doing. That said, it’s like an adventure that no one knows about. I don’t have the “fight club” mentality, but it’s still like I’m a top-level spy getting away with something here.

Okay, onto the real reason for the post. Has anyone noticed increased comfort/hanging endurance from wrapping and fitting the hanger while erect? I had trouble getting the erection to subside, so I wrapped and set myself up, stood with the wood, and let it subside. The wench was on securely, so I slid my 8-9 pounds on (a personal best so far) and felt supreme comfort for 20 minutes or so. Maybe erect wrapping might help guys who are having difficulty getting it just right? Could be a personal preference thing.

If someone has gone over this before, pardon me. Still good to check in and post about the hanging routine. I’m currently at 4x20 with 8 pounds or so. I might cut back to 3 sets with a constant gentle increase in weight, but who knows? All I can say is that I’m sticking with it.

I think you might be sailing in uncharted waters; You are hanging in a public shower stall?! Holy shite, you are the man! That is just about the coolest example of dedication I have ever heard of. Kudos to you Tenz.

IMO what you might be benefiting from by fitting yourself while erect is that you are not exposing yourself to the possibility of wrapping too tightly. Consider that if the wrap is too snug, no device, no matter how well designed can remove the noose effect you have just created on your penis.
In my experience going over this with guys using the Wench, matters of discomfort, discoloration, and temporary loss of sensation almost always have more to so with wrapping technique than anything else. Moving up too soon in weight or set duration equally rank second as culprits - but you clearly have handled your own conditioning expertly.

Unless I like you have missed a previous post(s) I will say that your wrapping technique is rather innovative.

Congratulations on your gains. I’m glad to hear that times are good. Very good.


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