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Standing while hanging

Standing while hanging

Hi all,

I recently took up hanging, and since my desk allows me to, I sometimes hang for 30-40 minutes while working on my computer.

Is this advisable, or do I stick to the traditional BTC angle?

You’ll probably want to stick to one angle primarily. That’s usually recommended to be BTC. Standing (straight down) would be similar, but laying back BTC is definitely distinct and I’d say do that as much as you can. But anything is better than nothing. Be consistent.

Thanks Tug. I’ve taken it up in the past week and am currently doing three sets of twenty minutes a day. But I do mix it up, from sitting to standing. For some reason, I feel more force on my member whenever I stand up from a sitting position. But then again, that could always be me.

It’s the same for me. I usually lay back doing BTC but will stand up every 15-20 minutes and I can really feel it at the base more intensely, but it goes away in a couple minutes. So I do tend to mix it up in that way, I suppose it’s good as it’s probably hitting some different parts and getting everything nice and loose at that angle.

I have been horribly inconsistent with my hanging routine in my hanging career.

So my advice to you comes from that history. If you find something that works for you then I would just stick with it.

Even if it was 50% as effective as some other angle, the real important thing is you are spending time under tension. Plus for all we know it might be just as effective as an angle.

50% effective at 10 hours a week > 100% effective at 0 hours a week

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