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Standard vs. starter

Standard vs. starter

I’m 7 inches BPEL and was wondering if the starter is okay to use. I have tight skin when erect and would like to incorporate fulcrum hanging at some point. What is the major benefit of the standard Bib over the starter, other than max comfortable weight? What is the max weight that people seem to be able to tolerate with the starter? Any suggestions which might be better for me would be appreciated. 7x6.25 (thinner towards the head)Thank you

One foot to go

I’m at 25 lbs. using a starter, and it seems to be fine- it’s comfortable enough, etc. However, per Bib’s guidelines the standard should work fine for you based on your length…

I think the starter might be a little easier to use for upper angle work also, but that’s just my opinion.

Thanks Lurky, anyone else with an opinion on this?

One foot to go

I wouldn’t be clamping anything on a dick with a 6+ inch long vein problem. Take a break. Take a long six week break. You’ll only make things worse if you keep trying to do PE when you shouldn’t be doing PE. (You asked for opinions, that’s mine.)

I have both, and use both. Its like marathon runners use a couple different shoes so the body wear is a little different. The starter to me is a little more grippy and the regular bib is like a big slipper.

I like the starter because you grip a bit closer to the head and stretch out more length.

A guy with pretty much any length can use the starter model. However, I personally feel like guys with 6” or more girth should go with the regular (full sized) hanger. More room. Starter model is better suited for less than 6” of girth. From what I could tell anyway while using mine.

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