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SS4 what's your routine

SS4 what's your routine


I’m pretty sure that I read that your limiting factor is your tunica, what is your routine for this or what was it when it was your limiting factor? Oh and what was your starting length and girth? Thanks

rex - You’ve been here how long and you don’t know how to use the search function?

My advice: Top right of your screen, there’s a “Search” button. Click it, then click on “Advanced Search”.

  • When on the search page, do a “Search by Key Word” for posts containing the word “routine” by exact user “SS4Jelq”.
  • In your “Search Options” pulldown menu, go to “Find Posts From”, then select “Any Date”.
  • At the bottom left of the search page tick “Show Results as Posts”.
  • Hit the “Search Now” button at the bottom of the search field.
  • Start reading the oldest posts first. You’ll find SS4Jelq’s thread from 2002-2003.

It is possible to do an even more narrow search, but I think this will get you to the page you’re looking for.


Thanks sooooooo much GLANDULARMASTER, your amazing!! :moon:

You’re welcome! You’re not the first one to point out the sheer amazingness of The GlandMaster.


Nicely done GM :rear:

Just Kidding

I understand your point and position as a moderator and respect you as that, but why was it necessary to take his side in something that was simply harmless? I just thought in a situation like that traditionally a moderator would simply stay neutral.
I wonder what Thunder’s opinion would be?

Originally I thought GlandMaster could have just put it in a nicer way, or simply put “do a search” and that would have been the end of it.


I would have simply moved on, my intention here is never to cause trouble I just felt like GlandMaster was trying to make an example of me like I was a newbie. You know I have a great deal of respect for you Thunder, I’ll leave it alone.

T-rex. I wasn’t taking sides. I didn’t even think there was a problem that need a side taken on. GlandMaster did a nice job and spent a lot of time putting together a post to help you. You responded as you did. GlandMaster took that well and didn’t let it get out of hand. Between his help and the way he handled the situation, I thanked him and that is all. After the second smart response, a warning was issued to keep things under control.

Thank you for your concern and the successful conclusion of the matter. :)


The link in my signature will lead you to SS4’s hardgainertipps!

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