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Splitting Hanging Sessions 2x Day vs. 1x Day?


Splitting Hanging Sessions 2x Day vs. 1x Day?

Any opinions on hanging two-15 minute sessions per day rather than one session of three-20 minute sessions? One way better than another, etc.?

Get it over with early in the day ( 3 sets of 20 min ) so you can wear a BTC ADS to keep the microtears open all day.

But if I had Bib’s time, I would hang for a few hours.

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG

A lot of people see the point at which you feel fatigue as being an important stage (personally I’ve never felt it). So if you can use fatigue as a good queue for the correct weight/period then can you reach it in 15 mins?

Generally with hanging more time is better and replacing 1 hours worth of hanging with 1/2 hour is unlikely to yield even half the results. If your conditioned to 1 hour of hanging already, halving the time has got to be a negative step.

Staying larger for more of the day with a split is probably a good thing (TM) though. How about two 1 hour sessions? One in the morning one in the evening? :D

So basically what you guys are saying is, the more hanging the better? I thought that I could over-stress my ligaments? Because they get pretty sore from hanging 10-12.5 lbs.

Over-stressing the ligaments is the point (if you still have lig gains to go for). If you keep to within their stress boundaries you’ll probably see no growth but gain stronger ligs. If you’re reaching a point of fatigue in your current routine, thats got to be a good thing. You can always reduce the weight in you final set if its just too much to bear.


1 hour twice a day would be great as mem suggests, but if you do not have enough time, at least one set at the opposite end of the day to your main session would be great. Whether you do an extra session of 1 set or 1 hour, doing ADS inbetween like CC says would give you a killer routine.


Hmm I am not familiar with ADS, what is that again, I am sorry.

ADS = All Day Stretch = Read the post in the newbie forum and wath Lil`s tutorial.

I`m planning to start with an ADS myself as I`ve come to the conclusion that hanging 60 minutes a day won`t give satisfying gains alone anymore. I just can`t hang anymore than 60 minutes(I live home with my parents and have limited privacy) so I think I need to add an ADS to my routine.
However the ideal would be 60 minutes in the morning, ADS troughout the day and perhaps a 20 minute set in the evening? The problem is that this will be very hard for me to do in the long run because I would need to get up so damn early(I`m up damn early for work already) for the hanging sessions. Is there any use of wearing an ADS troughout out the day WITHOUT hanging in the morning but hanging in the evening instead? Perhaps I could fit in one 20 minute set in the morning, then ADS and 2 X 20 minutes in the evening? Any ideas for a routine would be appreciated a lot!:-)

WannaBeHung: Sorry if you feel like I`m hijacking your post but I think we adresses the same problem so I sneaked it in here:-)

I just have to breathe life to this thread and kindly ask anyone for opinions:-)



It would probably work better if you could hang first, then use the ADS. But do what you can do. Don’t sweat it. You have to mold your PE to fit your schedule.


Thank you Bib! I`ll see what I can manage to fit in. However, wearing an ADS without hanging first will be benefitable anyways I guess?

Is there any site that I could see to do an ADS (home made) not to buy it ?? thanx


Did any of you have experience wearing all day this first Lils1 ADS …. Does it cut circulation ??



>Did any of you have experience wearing all day this first Lils1 ADS …. Does it cut circulation ??

When you have it set up at the right tightness, it can be worn for several hours. It will not cut circulation fully unless it is wrapped on too tight.


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