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Split Sessions

Split Sessions

What is the consensus on using split sessions for hanging? Is it better to go straight through with the whole day’s worth of hanging or is it OK not to?

Second question. My starting LOT was 6. Is there any info as to how guys with such low starting LOT’s have done with tunica focused hanging?

You need to work straight through.

Remember, LOT is a theory.

I have to agree with SNM. You want to stress/fatigue your dick when you hang. Just like when you’re working out, you want to keep the session intense to yield the best results.

Well today I did 5 sets in a row to start. 10-15 warms up breaks in between. I usually do 20 min sets, but sometimes I don’t make it the whole 20 if the stretch starts to become real pain. Then I stop and prepare for the next set. At this point I’ll bring the weight down.

But I am planning on doing some more sets later tonight, say 3. I just seems hard doing 8 sets in a row. Mostly from just wanting to do something other than hanging by the time I get to the end of set 5. I guess it’s just the boredom. I put on a movie to watch while I hang, but after the first movie is over it’s hard to just pop in another one an keep going without wanting to do something else for a while

I will say the one big negative I’ve encountered when trying split sessions is that when I start the second session my head is quite sore and it can be hard to withstand hanging simply due to the pressure on the head causing the soreness to almost ache. It’s not any more pressure than I normally put on it, but the soreness makes a difference.

How much time are you resting between your sets?

10-15 minutes. I keep it warmed up with my heating pad during that time

Yea. That should be plenty of time for you to get proper blood flow back into your dick. Try to jelq some blood into the head unless you feel it is too sore to do so.

It’s all about the time available to hang. I personally have to work for 40 hours a week so obviously I can’t hang during that time. On those days I’ll do as much as I can in the morning and evening. This kind of schedule is not necessarily “bad”.. if it’s all you can do it’s all you can do. As long as you’re reaching fatigue you’re pulling out healing folds and making progress.

If you have all day every day, why not just hang all the way through? I’d kill for that kind of hang time. Damn rent and bills, have to go make money. Oh well.

Once you reach total fatigue at an angle it’d be ok to switch and fatigue a different one. Can’t do any more BTC? Try SO until you reach fatigue at that angle, then back again.

20 minute sets with 10-15 min in between is good. If your head is really hurting that much I’d question your attachment technique. Assuming you’re using a bib: Is all the blood squeezed out of the head before beginning the set? Is the shaft well seated in the bottom of the shaft well? Are the top teeth meshing? Are you hanging 100% flaccid? Often times guys confuse fatigue with attachment difficulties. Yeah, skin pinching is going to hurt! Try opening the bottom gaps a little bit more, and tightening the top teeth.


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