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Spare a poor man a BIB guv'nor?


For some reason way back when they attached the value of gold to the American dollar. I don’t know if that’s still in effect, but from what you guys are saying it sounds that way.

The wench is great, it’s all I’ve used for hanging, and it works great.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

The gold standard went out in the seventies - floating currency values are the norm now.

How about turning your UK debts into dollar debts - watch them depreciate day by day then buy them back into sterling!

You can't kill ideas with bullets!

Because of the benevolence of a generous Thunders Place member who shall remain anonymous, I am now in posession of a Captns Wench!!

I am very excited about starting a hanging routine!

At the moment I have three weights: two of 1.25 KG and one of 2.5 KG. I’m not sure how much that is in pounds, but they seem quite heavy.

Any advice for hanging will be duly appreciated.

One can’t be much more broke than what I was a few months ago and the whole year preceding that time. I saved up for my much loved, though neglected (I had to move the whole family in with my mother, covert PE isn’t really an option) at the moment, BIB starter. I saved a buck here, quarter there, but I ended up with enough after a very long time of saving to buy one. I think it took me something like 9 months, 7 maybe. I can’t remember, but I did it. You can too, believe me. I know how hard it is to squeeze out a shilling, or whatever it is you weirdos use over there, but it’s worth it.

But, of course, you may find that your wench is all your heart ever desired. Time will tell, and good luck.

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