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Soreness on the top

Soreness on the top

THis question concerns the Captains Wench. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks and have gotten to the comfortbale weight of 8 lbs. Anyway, I can usually hang pretty comfortably, except for sometimes there will be a pinching sensation at the top. I can only imagine that this is the hanger falling off (or at least trying to). Anyway, I was wondering if anyine had experience with this. Thamks so much

And also, I primarily (almost exclusively) hang straight down. Is that good?

eh, you win some and you lose some

Originally Posted by delaware2
eh, you win some and you lose some

LOL nice one.

I’ve used the BIB hanger only - so this may not be 100% on par with what you’re experiencing. However, I’ve been told pinching may be from tightening up the wrap with the hanger, or even having the hanger too far forward, as compressing against the dorsal nerve by bending the glans back.

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That actually sounds like it could be it. My only concern is that I can’t really keep gravity from doing its things, so the hanger invariably falls ever downward

and, if someone wouldnt mind, what are the pros and cons of a captains wench and a homemade bib. I only use the CW because it was so easy to make

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