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Someone was looking for...

Someone was looking for...

A while ago, I remember someone was looking for some hardware that went on bib overalls - sort of like a clamp. I believe it was for hanging but not sure. I searched before I posted but can’t find the post that was asking for it. To cut to the chase, here is something that was close to what he was looking for. I was walking through home depot tonight and came across these 99 cent tarp grabbers (i think that is what they were called). They are really neat and work great and once clamped would not even slip off my nylon exercise shorts (very slippery material).

I am attaching pics so you can see what it is. Someone may be able to use these for one of their PE projects.

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Cool. I wasn’t looking for them, but that’s what makes this site so great…people so willing to help each other out. Good work.

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*Discovering potential of said clamps* Hmmm… Anyone have any specific ideas?

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