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Some hanging help if you please (or more)

Some hanging help if you please (or more)

So…I’ve been Jelqing and Fowfering (I love fowfers) for close to 8 weeks and am ready to upgrade I think. The problem is I don’t get much help from the videos or other forums, primarily about hanging. Where do i buy/make the “hanger”, and what exactly is the “special” tape (I’m sure it’s sold many places but what exactly is it called). Any advice on this subject and tips would be awesome. thanks guys.

Would anyone recommend something else for me? I’m interested in length and girth (Nothing more than the other right now). All these terms though I’m not clear on…I’m going to look on the site right now.

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Keep jelqing and stretching just up your time. ADS.

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Homemade Hanger Models and Instructions Post 5, Captn’s Wench is great to make your own.

Unsure on what the special tape is your asking about.

Have you seen the hanging video or step by step pictures? It kind of gets lost down the video links page as it needs to be scrolled down to see. Hanging Video

The real question is are you seeing gains with your present routine? Some want to move to more advanced exercises when what they’re doing is working just fine. Don’t mess with success, if you’re seeing it.

Yes I agree with the posts above. If your still gaining don’t move up to hanging yet. Try and ADS.

I agree, you should increase the time of your routines and also add a bit more intense exercises (and by ‘intense’ I mean a more significant, yet basic exercise, not a super complex one). Hanging can be complex at times (at least it was for me with my BIB. Here are some threads I’ve saved since they have helped me in one way or another. They might be useful for you too.

Speaking to Big Gainer soon

Johan is a believer now! JAI

My Various Stages of Workouts

wadzilla - basic routine got good gains

My history and routine

DLD Blasters…Un-Real Length Gains

Try those :thumbs: Eight weeks is not very long at all in PE time. I’d suggest you tap out all of your gains using manual exercises as mentioned above. If you want to slowly try hanging, then possibly look into the golf weights just to keep your dick from ‘turtling’.

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Thanks for the links Wt282-big help and motivation!

It's how the big boys roll so that's how I wanna do it!

Agreed. Don’t start hanging until you’re POSITIVE that manual stretching gains are overwith. While it compliments a hanging routine, manual stretches do not apply anywhere near the tension and traction that hanging does, therefore you should “ride the fatigue” you get from them (so to speak) and exhaust all gains. When you’re stretching hard for hours, and it doesn’t even feel like anything, get a hanger. Then put 5 or 10 lbs on that thing. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

I started PE by piss pulling.. but when I started hanging I really felt what those piss pulls were supposed to be doing. That might have been a little bit overboard though. My gains might not have been finished doing manual stretches and upping intensity/time.

One other way to look at it before I drop the ~L. We’re going for gains here. If pulling on it with 2lbs of force gives you gains.. why pull on it with 20lbs? You’d only make it necessary to use 25 next time. If yanking on it a few times a day gives you gains.. why hang weight off it for 2 hours? See what I’m saying? Do what it takes to get GAINS. If you get them from manual stretching.. keep doing it. You’ll need to up time/intensity to KEEP seeing gains. After that gets ridiculous, hang. Use more and more weight. More and more time. Guys have gone up to 40-50 lbs. We’ll talk about decon breaks in a couple months. Please keep posting your routine too. It’s great to learn from others.


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