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Sock hanger

Sock hanger

Im just now getting into hanging and im trying the sock hanger. Its a good concept but I cannot get the string tight enough so support anything without sliping off, any ideas?

I don’t know for sure, but maybe those hair scrunchee things that are like rubberbands that girls use in their hair.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

thats not a bad idea but mabe i just need to use less weight. I am doing 7lbs(I know its too much to start on) but its the smallest weight I have besids things that are only a few oz.

Back when I was hanging, I was using pennies and other coins in a plastic bag for weight. I was using about 15 lbs of coins, maybe more.

On your hanger, you might build yourself one of the original bib hangers for a couple of dollars. All you need is a hose clamp, a foot of 2” PVC tubing(I think it’s 1.5” inside diameter), and some wrapping(I’m using a latex swimcap cut into strips, and 6” of an ace bandage). I cut the tubing, and rounded the edges using a razor blade. There’s enough PVC to make 3-4 of them in case you make a mistake, or it doesn’t fit right.

I’m just now starting to hang again using this homemade bib, and it’s working better than ever. I think the latex + ace bandage, is a big improvment over what I was wrapping with before.

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