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SO hanging problem

Hey guys, not to invade or hijack this thread or anything, but I had a question as to what you guys thought about something. I have the Bib starter and have just started hanging SO. I have always hung BTC before, and still try to mix that in with other angles. But since I have been hanging SO, I have noticed a different part of my dick gets the discomfort, more towards the head. While BTC, I felt it more towards the base on the top part near my pubic hairs. And yesterday when I was hanging SO, with the hanger attached a half inch behind the glans, my dick head turned purple and was numb when I detached the hanger. So my question is, do you guys attach the hanger in a different location for when you hang SO, versus BTC?

If you hang SD or BTC a considerable part of the tension is on the skin which may prevent the hanger to slide down against your glans. If you hang SO the pubic skin is less stretched and offers enough slack for your hanger to slide against your glans. When this happens blood can still get in your glans but not out which turns it purple and cold, with enough pressure on your glans it can also turn numb.

To avoid all this you need to tighten your hanger enough so it won’t slide.

Originally Posted by Piet

To avoid all this you need to tighten your hanger enough so it won’t slide.

even when tightened alot, it still pulls to and over my glans. I even attach hanger further back, and still it does.

I think I tried to answer your question to quick and wasn’t accurate enough. The idea is to hang from the end of the CC’s, which will act as a stopper if the hanger is tight enough. When the hanger is in the right spot the hanger or wrap may touch your glans but without any pressure.

I usually attach my hanger about 1” below where I want it and after my initial tightening I pull it gently in place and tighten it some more because my girth is smaller near the end.

If you still can’t get it tight enough there you may try less wrap.


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