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So, at what weight did you start to gain?

So, at what weight did you start to gain?

I read that many started to see a difference when they reached 7lbs. Is this true/correct?

Right now I am in my third week with the Bib Starter and I reached 5lbs, but only for the last set, since I usually add weight gradually from set to set to slowly getting him used to the pull. So now I do the first set at 2.5lbs, third at 2.5+1.1/4lbs and the last one at 5lbs. Trust me, it’s the safest approach.

Anyways, would you say that once I get to do 3 sets of 7lbs each, I will start to see gains? I know everyone’s different, but just to have an idea.


No one? I am gonna cry :(

Generally as a rule of thumb 7 seems to be the magic number for some.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I don’t think there is any magic number for weight. There are just too many variables between men. Some gain at less than 7 lbs, and some require much more.


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