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Smelly Tuna Bowl

Smelly Tuna Bowl

From reading alot I’ve seen guys that claim they have added 1/4 of an inch all the way up to 3/4 of inch in one month. I want to hear from everyone one this one. I think it is a good question for new guys such as myself to read and to stay motivated.

Since starting PE and especially hanging, what month in that time period did you see the gains start comming or see a substantial growth take place? Was it the first month, third month….did it take 6 months with nothing and then you suddenly jumped up an inch in one month? I’m only at about 2 weeks and becoming alittle discouraged at times. I think this would help alot of guys if we could theoretically by the averages have something to look forward to say in the ……2nd month maybe. thanks bros


PE is for the long haul.

What we see here is a bit like the newspaper headlines—-some guys get great gains early, and shout it from the rooftops—-and those are the ones we would all like to emulate—.

Other guys— like me —are a slow gainers, and we get a different kind of publicity—but most of us don’t make banner headlines out of it.

Personally I got an inch or so from pumping and jelquing before my elbow packed it in and then I went to hanging exclusively. Therefore I have faith in the broad “science” we are dealing with.

Have you had any gains from stretches/ jelquing etc?

I’m assuming that you have read all the stuuf about hanging past lig fatigue, lowering the weight etc.

“Stick with it”, is my advice.

In my belief, there are too many sincere guys here from all over the world who have gained dick size by methods that earned no profit for anyone else for this to be as “ON THE NOSE” as you imply.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

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