Small Glans Hanging and ADS Question

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently decided to pick up PE again after a long hiatus, spending the first month just jelqing I am now slowly introducing pumping and hanging into the mix, I figured I would start the hanging gently with moderate duration All day extender work. But upon buying the extender (MaleEdge Pro) I’ve found that due to my small glans relative to midshaft the wrap is very quickly slipping. The only remedy to this I have been able to produce thus far is semi-engorging my glans with blood and wrapping behind it, but even then to prevent slippage I have to attach the extender so tight to the point that my glans circulation is severely inhibited and my glans turn purple within 5 or so minutes, thus limiting my extender periods to 10 or so minutes.

I suffer from phimosis, but am able to retract my foreskin while flaccid, phimosis doesn’t negatively effect me in any ways aside from the poor aesthetics, so I previously have not been too concerned with it. But with the considerable amount of extra foreskin it provides combined with my relative small glans the extender work is rendered near pointless.

Which leads me to my question, Would I be well served with a Bib Hanger? Or are there any hangers that would be recommended? I believe the optimal hanger for my case would be one that is sufficiently tight as to grip my midshaft without relying on my glans as an anchor in any way.