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Small Diameter weights for hanging


You could also use cement in a can. Thus avoiding the hole melting thing as I don’t know if a thin tin can take that heat. Since one time I put a pop can in a fire to see if it would melt and it just turned black. I then poked it with a stick it turned into ash. So I have no idea.

The lead diving weights are a great idea, as for paint from home depot you could find an epoxy paint which is a rubbery type paint used to waterproof pools and such. Not sure if they sell it there however.

Just my 2 cents, I love to MacGyver things :)


Beautiful. Those are good ideas too reven. I love to McGuver things also. Man it’s awesome that people still remember McGuver. Kids today don’t know. Jeje

Go to the plumbing section of home depot. Buy a 12”x1” threaded pipe nipple and 2 caps. Fill it with lead shot. With the caps, you would not need to melt the lead.

I did this once and filled it with sand, but it wasn’t heavy enough for regular hanging and too big for stealth ADS. However, with lead you should be able to make something pretty heavy. A 2inch diameter nipple would definitely hold a lot of lead, and you could limit it to 8 inches long maybe.

Horny Bastard

Nice. Yea maybe it’s better to go with a 3” diameter pipe and that way it only has to be like 5” long and still very heavy.

Are you talking about a metal pipe or PVC? I think PVC would be perfect. It’s plastic and easy to work with. You can seal them with rubber cement or chose them threaded.

Those would be excellent. Maybe even add a hook on the top.

Hey Ideal:
Since stealth is the key with my situation, I wanted to know how much sound does the lead buckshot make? Is it in the form of metal dust and those sound like little sandbags or is it in the form of “metal spheres” like ball bearings. Over here in the US we call buck shot the metal ball bearing used by hunters to hunt birds. They are small metal spheres about .25 to .5 inches in diameter.

I guess that if it is the dust it would not make much of any noise if it drops, hits something or just plain falls.



Small spherical buggers; .15” diameter. Maybe I was wrong about them being buckshot; these are used in charges and not single rounds.

Led dust is just the gray led remains on your fingers when you’ve handled any size and form of led. It’s not healthy to touch it in the long term, and that’s why I isolate it in a plastic bag inside a sturdy clothbag. The bags are near silent when handled, so long as I don’t provoke a rather satisfying ‘thud’ by dropping them, which of course I do.


If you want something long, cylindrical and heavy with a pre-made attachment, try a building materials salvage yard (or a demolition site) for old window sash counterweights


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