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Slipping Hangers

Slipping Hangers

First of all, I apologize for posting this here. Couldn’t post in the Hanger’s Forum.

I’ve tried a couple different hangers and I’m confused as to what I’m supposed to be stretching (beyond the obvious). I put on the hanger, following all the instructions/directions I can find for the specific hanger and any other general advice given in the forums. The problem is that it just pulls skin and I don’t really feel any pull internally in the penis. I’ve spent some time searching and I can’t seem to verify that this is ok, or if I’m doing something wrong. I understand that at some point in time I’m going to have to stretch the skin, just wasn’t expecting a full skin stretch right at the beginning.

Any experienced hangers have any insight?

If the hanger isn’t slipping over the head, it is likely pulling on the “inner penis” too. Might be hard to feel due to the skin stretch. As you tighten the hanger, pull as much shaft skin as possible towards your body and attach the hanger approximately 1 inch or so behind the glans. Tighten hanger as much as is manageable while monitoring penis color and temperature. Start with shorter times and lower weights and work up if you’re not 100% conditioned to hanging. This also presents a safety buffer as you get the feel for hanging. Some darkening in color is normal and should go way within approximately 1 minute of removing a hanger and restoring full circulation.

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