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Slippage while hanging SO



That’s not always the case. I can hang same weight with same hanger tightness in BTC, SD, SO and OTS. I don’t get any skin stretch on any angles. It’s all about getting the hanger tight. Even 2.5lbs more weight needs hanger much more tighter.

Hanging through the year 2012. Check my log.

Cool, I didn’t know anyone was able to hang without skin stretch in any position. I tried it a lot but the area where I would have needed to attach the hanger was always too sensitive. I was only able to hang SO and higher angles without skin stretch.

Well, you have a 9” penis. That needs some skin to stretch. :)

Hanging through the year 2012. Check my log.

For those of you that want to do SO you might try using a Bungee cord instead of weights on pulleys. You can do so much more in terms of angles. There is so much less stuff to deal with and if you put an anchor at eye level you can do SU’s also.

I’ve been doing nothing but SO and SU hanging for a long time now and there is just no way I would ever use dead weights again except as an ADS. You know my rings.

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