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Slippage w/ Bib hanger?

Slippage w/ Bib hanger?

I’ve only tested this twice, but it seems to work & might help some of you. If you have problems w/ your bib hanger slipping occasionally, consider this method of tightening the Bib when preparing for hanging. I use cloth & theraband for wrapping so I’m not certain if this works for everyone.

After wrapping, prepare your Bib and get yourself seated. Tighten the top bolt until it’s barely tight enough to hold your amount of weight. Then, hold your weight or hook w/ your least-dominant hand (so that there’s no force exerted on your dick), stand up, bend over, and tighten the top bolt of the Bib while gradually transferring the weight to your dick.

It’s almost as if you’re getting a bit of the skin on the bottom side of the glans to change position before tightening.

Make a point to check head temperature through the set because IMO it takes more tightening force to hang SO. As a result, while you’re tightening the Bib in this manner, you’ll probably get it a bit tighter than you would otherwise.

Hope this makes sense.


Interesting. Do you ever retighten a couple times after applying the weight?


Ideally no. As soon as you’re beginning to completely release the weight, you’re getting the screws pretty tight.

I don’t know how I would try this if I hanged really heavy weights. It seems like if you have a good method for that, stick with it.

Actually I just had to tighten it further once seated when starting this set. It seems that movement like shifting your weight can force you to re-tighten sometimes.

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