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Slippage,Bubbles,Red dots

I wanted to start this thread so I could fully understand the reasons for slippage,what slippage means, how to avoid it and how to stop it. I know I’ve dealt with a lot of slippage, I sometimes get it after 15 mins of a set, I guess I’m fatigued. Sometimes I can take the slippage and I can deal with it, if it doesn’t slip too low, its a tougher set than usual but there is a limit to what I can take.

How do you determine if the slippage is bad enough too have to stop and take off the hanger, re-adjust or stop the set altogether. I know with some slippage there is pain, some I can take, so what is the stop point? If I don’t stop after a certain amount of slippage am I negatively affecting my gains? I also know sometimes I get bubbles and red dots, theres was still a bit of red the day after, not quite normal for me, but I am at 23.5 lbs BTC

Opinions, comments?

Tighten that thing as much as you can, when you put weight on it tighten it some more. Then after some time has passed tighten just a tad bit more :) .

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see this is the debate right here. I think its from fatigue and possibly from not being tight enough also the Tband wrap is HUGE, I can’t stress that enough

thats what Bib says as well Blu ray, but I think theres more too it, its not that simple sir!

Ok well it helps me sometimes to re-wrap after I hang my first set, my unit is usually larger before the first set and then everything is squeezed out of it during the first set and re-wrapping helps.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

What exactly do you mean by the Theraband is huge?

PS. Remember to capitalize the beginning of your sentence.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

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Recently I have been unwrapping after almost every set,then re-tightening the Theraband. The Theraband being properly tight and not too loose is HUGE for me.Yea I re-wrap, I’ve got a good hold on any slippage, but when it happens I just want to know every answer.

Have you tried a lot of different set ups with toe-in and toe-out? Hanging is so complicated, I think by the time someone finally figures out how to do it perfectly, they have reached their goals and no longer needs to hang lol.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

LOL Bluray! Could very well be, there’s so many little things that can go wrong, I’ve even had the blue ribbon that connects the weights, go behind the top bolt for almost a full set without knowing til halfway through. Yea I keep the bottom 2 nuts equal/parallel (toe in/out).

Whats the toe-in, toe-out again? something to do with penis girth being uneven eh? well mines all equal, so I’m pretty sure I’m good with parallel

I’ve been up at 23.5 lbs. BTC for about 11 days now, not too much slippage or anything other than today, I had slippage on my first 3 sets, 1st set couldn’t go past 10 mins, slipped too low, 2nd set 15 mins slipped low, 3rd 12 mins same.

I slip like hell with a vac hanger and get bubbles all the time, and I’m only hanging 7.5 pounds. If someone could help me that would be great. My glans is getting the hell beaten out of it, and I’d like a reprieve. Somebody pleaseeee, iron addict maybe, or another vacer?

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So Tupac when you get slippage, you don’t stop, you take the slippage for a bit eh?I don’t know, I might be wrong, but I think taking some slippage is okay.

No i take it, I mean it doesn’t hurt at all, it’s just annoying to take my dick out of the vac and have this huge bubble on the top half of my glans. I guess I’ve been too lazy to figure out what I’m doing wrong and have just kept hanging. But if someone could tell me what to do to fix this it would be great.

Starting 1-14-09 NBPEL 5.75' EG 5', trying to feel snug in my girlfriend wish me luck!


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