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Sleeves for Vacu-Hanger.

Sleeves for Vacu-Hanger.

I just ordered the Vacu-Hanger package from “Auto-extender” but did not received the regular sleeves… Instead I received a whole bunch of “Anti-Turtle” sleeves instead, which is cool. The smaller ones work but tear very easy. So, now I was going to order the regular sleeves for my hanger but I am not sure what size to order, they come in small and large. I have a medium size hanger and if anyone could answer my question I would be very grateful.



Bump for you, Congo. I was thinking about ordering one of these devices and would like some to hear some input as well.

Why not PM/email Monkeybar? After all he is the one with the correct answer.

I would like to know where to get the green sleeves as well? I know he makes the blue ones, and used to make the green ones, but I guess he doesn’t anymore. If anyone has a source for a harder sleeve, please let me know. Hopefully monkeybar will start making some harder green ones again.

Well, I just ordered both sizes to try out. That way I will know in the future. So far I love my vacu-hanger.

Man the vacu-hanger is not easy to take on and put off. I have to struggle with it just to get it off. Always feel like it will rip the sleeves. Any suggestions on how to take it off. Thanks.

Light blue sleeves came with my vac extender package. The sleeves in my opinion do not last long for the money you are paying for them. I highly recommend keeping your fingernails very short as they will tear the sleeves when you are putting them on, or develop small holes that leak pressure. I’ve found it much more comfortable when removing the sleeve from your penis, to apply lotion to your finger and work your way into the hanger from the sleeve. Your member will slide out very easily. I have gone through 2 sleeves in just over a month. I have just ordered some more sleeves by the large size option. I hope they are more durable. But overall I would have to say it is a very nice product and that I much prefer this over manual stretching by far. I would just recommend lowering the price of sleeves!

I like the heavier duty green sleeves. They last a little longer, and can hang more weight. I don’t think MB sells them anymore though for some reason.

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