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Skin Travel

Skin Travel

How much skin travel is normal?

whne i wrap, i remove all loose skin below the wrap yet when i apply the hanger (wench) the wrap/skin travels forward and ends up resting on a small donut of skin behind the glans. According to the tutorials and other threads researched this is normal yet i just dont think that i am grasping the internal structures like it should be.

I can click my cable clamp 5-7 times depending on the amount of wrap used. I usually use a 10 inch piece of ACE self stick bandage. I know that i do have more loose skin that most so is this travel normal or am i missing something?

The pressure from the hanger is behind the glans but not so much so that it is causing major discolouration or any numbness. I am currently at 12.5lb SO with no noticeable pain or fatigue so i am wondering if the glans is taking the pressure or if i am just stretching skin. The base skin is tight but not taut or causing discomfort which if i read everything correctly, is a good sign.

My main reason behind this line of questioning is i think that i have a very tough penis and most vets with good gains have been up around 14+lb when seeing gains. i believe that i could handle such weight, but this skin travel is concerning me and i wish to address this issure before attempting an increase in poundage.


Sounds normal to me. As long as the Wench is staying behind the glans and you are not feeling the burn of skin stretch you are stressing more than just skin.


Happens to me to man. But I use a cloth underwrap as well as an ACE bandage above wrap. Lemme ask you something. Is the ACE self stick bandage you use abrasive? Like, does it aggravate your skin as you hang? Isn’t it to rough? If it doesn’t, please post the exact name so I can run out and buy one of those.

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thanks for the input fellas.

Capt, I just want to make sure that my head is not going to pop off when i increase.

Big, I bought some generic type at Walmart. I do wrap right on skin, it does pull when I take it off but I do not get any irritation while hanging. I used to use a baby sock then the bandage and may go back to that but i really like the wrap directly on the skin. I am almost out of this bandage so i will get the name when I get some more this weekend.

My main reason for posting this is that I have read that the internal structure is what is most important when hanging and I feel like I am not grasping it when my wrap slides forward. However if it the general experience, then I guess I am good to go.

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