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Skin Tearing?

Skin Tearing?

I’ve been hanging for a little while now and my skin has kind of been tearing from stretching. Like on the top side of my dick where you get skin stretch, there’s this little torn opening, like the size of a pimple, where my dick was dry and being stretched so it like tore open. Do you guys get this?

No, but I’m guessing too much too soon? Let it heal, then take it slow. You need to get the skin to stretch, which it does easily, but if you go to fast there is the risk of running into what you ran into…

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If I were you I would immediately stop hanging and encourage healing by applying Vitamin E to the tear and surrounding area.
Once fully healed, I would continue to keep my shaft skin well moisturized as I went forward with my hanging.


Yeah I get that from time to time, on the underside. The reason is usually that the wrap has slipped forward on the foreskin, and as I pull it back from the rear side of the wrap the skin within it gets stretched out. Then when the hanger is on it gets stretched further. The solution for me is to just unwrap and rewrap. Rarely happens though.

And yes, let it heal fully or else it will get bigger and bigger (the tear, that is)


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