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skin stretching

skin stretching

I have recently started hanging and things are going well, however, the only problem I have is that for the first 5 mins of a 20 min set the skin stretching is very uncomfortable. I have tried using theraband but is still always really uncomfortable. I think my penis could handle more weight as I am only hanging with 5lbs but don’t want to increase it as it will be more painful. I use a Redi Stretcher and find it excellent other than this. Is this a normal problem? Will it go after I have been Hanging longer (3 weeks so far). Any suggestions?

I’d (not —>id) say if you just recently started 20 minutes hang time sets is too long. If you cut it down and gradually increase it will become easier.

I’m using an autoextender but find the fisrt few min the skin is tight but loosens up quickly. So i just start off at a lower setting then increase over the next few min… Have you tried starting with a lighter weight then icreasing it after the first few min?


In my experience, usually the Theraband aggravated the skin. Tear up some old sweat pants and use some of that material, it’s the difference between heaven and hell. There is some skin displacement that has to take place, especially if everything is tight.

No need to hang a full 20 minutes if your sweating your ass off with grief, lower the weight a pound or two if you can or ride out a week or two of intense skin stretching. It is pretty much a normal problem, it does get better, much better. Don’t let it drag you down, keep your eye on the ball.

Thanks guys, I will try starting at a lower weight and using old sweat pants. I don’t think the length of the sets is a problem as it is the first 5 or 10 mins when it is uncomfortable, the last ten are fine.

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