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Skin stretching?

Skin stretching?

If I have the wench on tight enough, but I still feel like I’m stretching the skin is there a particular adjustment I have to make?

Also; do you feel your balls get in the way hanging BTC? Mine do, but I suppose that’s because I have particularly low hanging balls.

Aaaand; is it possible I’m stretching my scrotum even more by hanging?

Juuuust one more thing; is it very bad if the end of my chopper is a little cold and discolored for a short while after a stretch? It seems to happen every time even after just 10 minutes of hanging 2.5 KG.


Balls, lift them up and plant the lizzard down between them when doing BTC.

Skin stretch comes with the territory BTC. You have to stretch some skin — it’s the first limiting factor. But you don’t want it too uncomfortable, so pull some of it back towards the base before completely tightening the hanger. I found the right stretch, yielding results without really vicious stretchmarks, is on the verge of a grin initially but I’d get used to it quickly in the session.

Scrotum stretch. Yes, I believe I have a little more sack now than before I started hanging. It crept up the shaft with the base skin. Nip and tuck I guess… No it’s not disturbing, really. No aestethic regrets.

Just a hint of coldness, numbness and discoloration after a 20 min session is OK, I dare say that, but really only a hint of it.
Signs of those conditions after just 10 min is positively a bad thing, and indicates that the weight attempted is too high (for you, at this point), and/or the hanger placement is bad and/or quite possibly too tight or too loose, and/or you’re using too much wrapping.
Keep trying things out with less weight. Personally, I learned to hang with my Bib using 1.75kg.


What’s up dude? Happy New Year

OK, I am a hanger but use the bib hanger and I want to comment on your discoloration and coldness…

Careful here ok? what is 2.5kg like 7 pounds or something and you are just starting?!?! try to hang like 2.5 pounds (1.5kg) starting off and watch your head color, you also have to take your time hanging don’t jump in too fast, unless you have a backup penis somewhere you can attach if you fuck your current penis up.

Are you using some kind of traction wrap?

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This sounds like what may be causing the glands to become numb is the hanger is sliding down too close to the glands. Try using less wrap or moving the hanger back more.

Thanks Ideal. Thanks Big Tee, Happy New Year to you too. Yeah, my back up penis :D .

I’ve got a bumper sticker that says: My other schlong is 8x6 :nerner:

sheneedsmore: No numbness, but I think you could be right about less wrap and hanger position.

Cheers gents

Like the guys said - skin stretch happens initially but the intensity of it calms down significantly. Once your into this a little longer you won’t feel that burn.

About the cold/discoloration issue: Keep in mind that everything is being stretched - all of your internals - this includes veins and capillaries. These blood vessels are being stretched thin (imagine a rubber tube being pulled at both ends).

What results is simply that the clearance within these vessels becomes compromised, and blood flow is slowed - or even stopped. With conditioning this may improve but keep in mind that even the most experienced hanger will suffer a total shut down of blood flow owing to weight + time.
Be smart about how much weight you use, and never ever go over twenty minutes a set.

The most important things to remember are 1) numbness is to be avoided, always (frequently check your glans during a set. 2) keep an eye on discoloration that remains after your routine. If you see this occurring do something to treat it - as in the same way you would treat bruising elsewhere on your body.
You don’t want a bigger unit that is a horror show to look at.

In between sets give yourself a bit of a dick massage until you get a little fluffed and all the blood is flowing again. But make sure the fluff is gone prior to the next set.

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