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Skin stretching in SD

Skin stretching in SD

I recently started to hang. I am using the captains wench which works great.
Although it seems that when I stretch straight down I get more of stretch in the skin above the base of the penis. When hanging SO I don’t have this problem at all and I feel a better stretch inside the penis.
The problem is that hanging SO is not so comfortable because I have to lay on my stomach and can’t do anything but watch TV..
When hanging SD I can work on the computer..

Do you guys have the same problem with SD giving more stretch in the skin than SO?

I have the same problem with my home made hanger.

I will try to make myself a vacuum hanger as soon as possible as that is supposed to put zero stress on the skin. You should also consider this, a swimming cap is not that hard to find.

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What is the swimming cap for?

Attach your hanger to the leg of your computer desk for SO.

Oh. Straight Down. Not San Diego. Or South Dakota.

Anyway, I have a set up like Makemelarge. I have an eyebolt screwed into the underside of this computer desk.

But I feel a better stretch from Straight Down. For me, it feels more effective because I’m stretching both the ligs around the base and tunica along the shaft. The skin stretch is welcome; that’s room to grow. By the way, I’m now using a Vac-hanger, but I did use a Captain’s Wench for a long time.

There is nothing wrong with stretching skin, in fact, this is only natural and cannot be avoided. The reason you think you feel a better stretch in a SO configuration is because your loins are contracted and fighting the stretch. I have never hanged in this fashion because I believe it is completely without merit, your abdomen is contracted and your package is receded to the body. Ideally, you want your package relaxed and extended away from the body as much as possible.

It is a little like getting a hummer while driving your car, your gal has to dig into your crotch to expose more shaft. Everyone loves a “hummer on cruise” but it is not the best way to display your hammer. You need not worry about the skin, it is the way to a bigger boner. The stretch you want to feel is all about the skin and connective tissue that is the foundation for your package.

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