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Skin stretch

Skin stretch

Hey everyone. I have had my bib starter now for about 3 days and have been hanging for for about 2 hours per day, split throughout the day. I have decided that the best way for me to stretch is btc, due to the fact that by doing that I am able to get on with other things at my desk. I have read that btc is the best way to strech the ligs and i should feel a real burn there, The problem im having though is with skin stetch. How long will this take to go away. I dont feel anything in my ligs yet because all it seems im stetching is my skin.


I also started with the Bib-hanger a few days ago.
The skin problem you describe might be that you don’t pull the skin back to the base before wrapping. Before putting the hanger on please make sure that you pull the skin back once more.



Yeah, i do that every time i wrap and put on the hanger. It is still a problem though. I am circumcised, so i probably have a lot less skin to move about in that area than most guys. Its becoming a real nuisance because i still dont feel like i have properly hung yet.

If your skin feels stretched then that is your limiting factor for the moment.
Take it easy, and soon another piece of your dick will be felt (ligs/tunica/you name it)

Don’t rush!

When I first started, I did nothing but stretch skin for about two weeks. Although I received some gains at this time, the real work did not begin until I had enough skin to work with.

Also, from time to time, I would have to concentrate on stretching skin for a few days, up to a week.

Skin is usually the first limiting factor for most guys.


Cheers everyone. Ill post back in a fortnight or so to let you know how im getting on. I had a pretty good session today, but I had to stand up. When i try and sit. I get the skin stretch.

Your not the only one with skin stretch problems. I have been thinking over my whole experience that I have had with my BIB hanger and the conclusion that I get is that firstly the regular is too big for me at the moment and second, that I need to stretch my skin heaps before I will really get my ligaments supporting any weight while hanging.


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