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Skin stretch when hanging question

Skin stretch when hanging question

Okay so I’m really considering hanging since manual stretching is taking to much time and effort. I’m doing my research carefully first though.

In every picture I’ve seen, the hair is being pulled up the shaft so badly. Like half the dick is covered in hair when hanging. Since I’m uncut I guess that would happen to me as well wouldn’t it. But would that make the turkey neck worse. I really don’t want any more turkey neck.

If anything I was under the impression you can attach the hanger higher up the shaft to grow more shaft skin so turkey neck doesn’t occur but I’m unsure so could someone clarify and or state if there’s a way to attach the hanger so the hair doesn’t get dragged up ones shaft.

You probably can’t avoid hair moving up your shaft, but its a small price to pay for increased length. Just pluck it or pleasure your partner with ‘the french tickler’. As a side-note, you can definitely avoid excessive skin stretching. However, some guys prefer it, so its possible that’s what you’ve observed that has caused your concern.

I think hanging is inevitably going to result in some skin stretching. BIB maintains that stretching the skin with relatively lighter weights is a necessary prerequisite to hanging for length gains with heavier weights.

Well I’d actually like to stretch skin. I don’t even have enough skin really for what length I already have let alone if I hang and gain more. But I don’t want to stretch the turkey neck / scrotum skin any further. So I guess what I’m asking is would it stretch the hairless shaft skin as you grow?

You can easily prevent turkey neck. There’s different ways of doing it, like cock-rings, and ball-wrapping.

Some guys say that just being conscious of how you’re stretching your shaft skin can help too. Just make sure the skin near your balls stays behind your hanger attachment—

I know Bib did something like wrapping his balls; I have yet to research it further. Maybe someone with more knowledge will shed some light on this. Otherwise, I suggest you research it. The answers are buried in this forum.

Skin stretching

Yes skin stretching is a must for some of us. Case in point:

I pumped for years and made impressive girth gains. However I never could get any real length gains. Fast forward to hanging this year and I’ve found out after reading here and at Bib’s site that I have tight skin. This is exactly why I could never gain length with pumping. After experimenting with different techniques and angles I’m using BTC to get the best skin stretch. BTC is also the most intense for me so I will stay with that angle for quite some time.
I believe there was one person on Bib’s site that had to stretch skin for months until the ligs were getting the correct load on them. As a whole, hanging is definitely a lot more complicated than pumping.

BTW: I also wear Monty’s PE weights during the day or whenever I get the chance for an ADS.

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Pumper for a while got to the square dick 7X7 , hanging now 7-2010

I’m doing the same thing as you. I’ve been hanging BTC for months. I’m not going stop either… I plan to try & shift my package downward until my penis points straight down (while flaccid, more level while erect)—this should completely max out my gains from lengthening my suspensory ligaments (much easier to do than tunica deformation). I know once I’ve completed this phase the gains will slow down & I will have to probably look for a new angle (I’ll be working on tunica deformation more at that point).

What’s interesting, is some hanging veterans believe you have to fully stretch out your ligs first before you can truly maximize tunica gains. Its somewhat similar to the concept that your skin tightness was holding you back before.

Does anyone have numbers from length gains being released via fixing the tight skin situation.

I’m not sure what you mean about numbers, but for normal hanging, usually 2 weeks is enough time to stretch your skin.

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