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Skin on the underside, bib placement

Skin on the underside, bib placement

I mostly hang SU and when I do I see that some of the skin on the underside of my penis gets sort of rolled up and protrudes out from under the wrap. I use first aid wrapping under theraband. After a couple of sets that skin that is protruding starts to become sort of like a bubble or maybe something like a blister. It doesn’t hurt and goes away a couple of hours after I finish hanging, but it is annoying because I’ll stop hanging after only 3 or 4 sets so that it does not get so bad. Has anyone experienced this and how do I deal with it.

Also, when you place the hanger on your penis, where is the best position to put the bib? I’ve tried placing it higher towards the head, somewhere in the middle, and closer to the base. Can’t really tell the difference between them.

I think I sometimes also go through what you’re describing - where the hanger pinches that skin underneath.

I find that wrapping a bit tighter can remedy this. You really need a solid bundle for that hanger to grab onto.

If the wrap is too tight, you end up with lymph buildup, but I’d rather deal with lymph buildup from a snug wrap than pain from pinching.

Of course, if your wrap technique is perfect then neither will happen. It really just comes with practice. These days I can nail the perfect wrap 9 times out of 10, and if it’s off and I feel pinching because it’s too loose or lymph because it’s too tight, I’ll quickly re-do it and nail it.

What’s with the first aid wrap under the Tband? That stuff really itched when I used it. Isn’t TBand an effective enough wrap by itself? I prefer T-Shirt material personally.

You want to start your wrap about an inch and a half down from the coronal ridge (that dark red ridge around the glans that meets the foreskin) then, attach the hanger slightly farther down than that (maybe 1/8 inch). I find this position ideal for not putting too much pressure on the glans and allowing for maximum hanger tightness.

Unless you’re on a mission to stretch skin only, it doesn’t really need to be attached much closer to the base than that. In fact, skin will get stretched incidentally if it’s actually a limiting factor. And I find that putting it too much closer to the glans results in major discomfort. You might be different.


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I guess what I’m getting is lymph buildup, because it is not skin pinching.

When you say to start the wrap an inch and a half down from the coronal ridge, I suppose you mean when stretching the penis out slightly to do the wrap. If this is right than I’ve been starting my wrap a good half inch closer to the coronal ridge than you suggest. I will give your way a try. Thanks.

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