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Simple vacuum hangers for the uncut guys.


This concept is virtually identical to some of the tuggers used in foreskin restoration circles. One of the more common sources for a closed tube is the plastic cannister that rolls of 35mm film come in.

"We have met the enemy, and he is us."

Churchy, the 35mm film cannister would seem about right as a suitable vacuum cup. The way I use it I don’t get any foreskin stretch (I’ve got enough already:) ). I’ve also started to use it as part of a home made stretcher.


Stretcher in use

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Just experimenting with materials found around the house this morning, I think this thing shows a lot of promise. The 35mm film cannister is a tighter fit than I was expecting, stuffing my flaccid glans in there was a bit of a challenge. But one in, and with the skin rolled forward, this thing will hold a lot of tension without any signs of slipping. I used 3M Micropore 1” surgical tape to hold the skin forward

Now I just gotta figure out how to attach a hook of some sort to it without breaking the vacuum. This thing will hold as much tension as I am able to create by gripping the cannister and pulling.

"We have met the enemy, and he is us."


I tried this concept and it was very promising. For the fist time I could wear an ADS for more than 1 hour. However I have not been able to find the right kind of bottle cap or similar, because all I could find is too rigid. After a while, the foreskin gets stretched too far at one spot because the cap does not adapt to the glans’ shape, and it hurts like hell.
I was thinking about a more flexible, rubber kind of solution, and I have literally scanned EVERY aisle in two hardware stores to find something that is the shape of my glans, but made of rubber. No success.

BTW, what you guys have invented here is sold as a penis extension device called phallosan. They are selling “slip over condoms” which are much like what we described here. They claim that a Men’s Health article found it to be the only PE device that actually works. I would spend the 200 € but I don’t have a chance to have it shipped to me in privacy because my wife would be home accepting the packet.

does this thing only stretch the corpus spongiosum?

I’ve been experimenting with hanging for the last month or so with less than 5 lbs. I have to say that what you guys have described is very comfortable. I barely feel the weight.

Thanks for sharing this.


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