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Simple OTS hanging devise


Simple OTS hanging devise

Well I posted a thread a few weeks ago asking about the ways to hang OTS. It seems that most guys just throw a rope over the shoulder with a towel and that’s it. There is also some other ways but they seem more complicated so I set out to find a more simple way. The big problem with hanging over the shoulder is the weight makes the shoulder very tired and add to that a towel and you have resistance. I don’t think there is anyway to take the pressure off the body and still be able to walk around but you need to be as comfortable as possible when hanging. My solution was to be able to hang sitting and solve the obvious problems with the pressure on the shoulders.

Here’s what I can up with and it’s so simple and cost about $3. I call it the Roll Bar. I went to Home Depot and bought a 10’ piece of 1” PVC pipe and 2-90 degree fittings. I cut a 12”-13” piece length from the main piece and cut the remainder piece into which should leave you 2 sections about 4 1/2 feet long. You don’t even have to glue it. After you put the pieces together to make the roll bar, get a kitchen chair and tie it to the back of the chair. That’s all there is to it. The roll bar should be over your head about a foot and when you throw the rope over it there is little resistance.

Now if you want a modified version for hanging SO just get 2 couplings and cut the two long sticks to what ever length you want so it will stand between your legs at the height you want. When you want to hang SO just separate the long sticks at the couplings and hold the roll bar between your legs and there you go. You will have to hold the roll bar while hanging or it wants to move towards your body. When you finish you can take the whole thing apart and store it away.

Let me know what you think.


Sounds innovative, and worth another trip to PE Depot for those who need OTS. So if I got this right, when it’s tied to the chair, it’s like an upsidedown U, with a 12” horizontal piece over your head and the two 4 1/2 vertical? Do the ends of the pipe reach the floor? What do you use to tie the rollbar to a chair? Are the little ridges made by the elbow connectors enough to keep the rope slipping off one side or the other?

>So if I got this right, when it’s tied to the chair, it’s like an upsidedown you<

>Do the ends of the pipe reach the floor?<
Yes, they just sit on the floor behind the chair. All the weight is pulling down so you only have to tie it to just hold it against the back of the chair, simple.

>What do you use to tie the rollbar to a chair?<
You can use anthing but I use a tie strap. Wire or rope would work.

>Are the little ridges made by the elbow connectors enough to keep the rope slipping off one side or the other?<
Yes but the “bar” is level and the rope won’t slide anyway

I’m working on getting fatigued. Started with 10 lbs and we’ll see where that goes. After gaining all I could with BTC I hope to get at least another 1/4” and raise my LOT back up. I plan to stay with that weight for a week and then move up if I don’t see any fatigue. My max with BTC was 12lbs but it seems that it may take more for OTS. Do you guys have any time line as to how long it takes to raise your LOT? I’m at 7 now.

Glad to hear you can do OTS sets.

I have no idea how long it will take to raise LOT, if at all possible. Twelve months of BTC hardly lowered my LOT, maybe :30 minutes.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.

Nice idea SNM,

My only concern would be the strength of the 1” pvc pipe. I now Hobby talks on occasion of his mishap in school when someone almost (or did they?) got hurt by flying pvc shrapnel from a shattered length of pvc.

Might be worth going up to 2 inches, just in case.

For those of you with money to burn you could use a clothes rack. I wish I could show you the link of the rack I am looking at now, but I don’t know how. The height is adjustable and it is probably pretty strong too. Anyway it is not that hard to find a good rack on the Internet.

A visual would be nice

OH! I think I just figured out how to attach pics! Let’s see if you can see this.

Anyway, this is a clothes rack. As you can see(hopefully, if I attached it right), the height is adjustable so you could even probably sleep under the damn thing if you find one without that shoe rack attached at the bottom.

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The clothes stand looks like a good idea.

I have been using a squat stand and instead of using weights I use a fish scale. ( I read about the fish-scale on another site).

I hang either 7 or 9, 15 minute sets and am using 11 1/2 lbs of tension.

Lets simplify even more:

1. Open door of choice (preferably not front door) to let’s say 90 degrees.

2. Put chair with back against door

3. Put weight on other side of door, throw over line

4. Sit on chair, grab line, hook up

5. Wait for fatigue

If your’e worried about friction over the door, take that leftover pvc pipe 90-bend and thread the line through it, and put over the edge of the door as a line-saver.

That’s my two cents for the weekend!


The only thing about that mgus is your stuck sitting next to the door. With my idea you can sit at a computer or where ever. The 1” PVC is stronger than you think all though I haven’t tried hanging over 25 lbs yet. The span from side to side is not that long (about a foot) so it won’t sag and is strong.

Anyway, this is something I can up with and thought I would share it with you guys. It works for me really well. After using it for a while now I think I’m going to figure out a way to lessen the drag on the rope over the pipe by getting a larger pipe to fit over the 1” cross bar. That way it would spin and get rid of any drag on the rope.


You could always read a good book!

I spent some time thinking on this over the weekend, and came up with something for you to experiment with (I havent told my SO about this, so I’m doing stealth PE and experimenting with this would not be stealth) if you want to be able to move around, make coffe or whatever:

You need some wide webbing (seatbelt type), theraband or tube elastic, a carabiner or S-hook and whatever rig you use on your member.

The idea is to use your posture as counterweight, so take the webbing and tie it into a sling, twist half turn into a figure 8, put arms trough each loop and the crossing over your shoulders. Now take the theraband and tie a loop through the webbing on each side of your chest, the theraband will now look like a upside-down triangle. Take S-hook, carabiner or whatever and connect to theraband, hook into pulling rig. Straighten your back.

This should distribute the load evenly over your shoulders / back, pulling you slightly forward, a bit like having a backpack with the wrong side front.

Alternatives to the sling over your shoulder could be either an old chestharness for climbing (they still make them for rescue and caving, but they are no longer used for climbing), or sewing the webbing into a loop around your chest (connected with snap buckle) and two slings from front to back over the shoulders - and voila! you have the shape of a bra - and if females can hold up heavy objects for long periods of time with those narrow straps, I figure this should work for us too. A third alternative would be to take a back pack and load it with some counterweight and then tie the elastic around the loops sewn into the shoulderstraps (usually at nipple height).

For the elastic, if I remember my physics right - site mechanical engineers correct me if I am wrong here - a low strength elastic will deform a long stretch with approximately the same resistance if you go past the initial part and don’t stretch until the very end (what I mean to say is that the middle part of the stretching phase is fairly long for our purposes). So for stretching a low resistance would be useful for taking care of changes in body posture and keeping the force relatively uniform. To get the right force you would have to take that low resistance elastic and wrap it many loops to get a total high resistance, but you would still have your long distance with relatively uniform resistance. If you would take a single loop of high resistance elastic, you would have a shorter span of relatively uniform resistance. Or so I believe.

Anyway, a long and weak elastic will allow you to fine tune the resitance easier by changing number of loops as well as how long the loops should be.

I think it should be possible to make this setup sleek enough to go under a sweatshirt or jacket and take walks while OTS pulling. One would have to adjust for low resistance of course - or take short walks!

If anybody out there fools around with this idea - or has other ideas - please post back as I’m curious to hear your comments


I’m up to 15 lbs. And damn what a stretch.

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