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Simple OTS hanging devise


I guess I’m missing something here! Maybe since I’m not too tall, 5’ 8”, I just throw the rope over the back of my high backed comfy chair and let the weights hang down the back of the chair. It’s right in front of the TV too! Works for me, no pipes, frames, blocks(pulleys for non sailors) just tie the rope between the weights and the hanger. Keep It Simple S…..

I’m hanging 16 1/4 OTS right now with a high back chair. Do most people feel there LOT go up when they do OTS? I’ve gained half an inch in stretched length and havent noticed my LOT go up.

How long have you been hanging OTS Taco? Where is your LOT?

I’ve been hanging OTS ever since I started hanging, which is less then a year period, with months off in between. My LOT is pretty low, like 7 o clock. It hasnt changed since i started OTS. Although it could have a little bit, its hard to measure you’re exact LOT.

I hang 35 lbs. Over the back of a computer chair with a pillow behind my back, a trash bag over the top of the chair to eliminate drag my lot is probably about 9 or 10

Sounds like a heck of an idea. I might try it!

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