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Simple Homemade Clamping Hanger

Simple Homemade Clamping Hanger

Hey guys. This was originally part of a response to the CABLE CLAMP buy what size (size)? thread, but thought if anyone was curious it would be easier to find if it had it’s own thread.

It’s a simple, quick opening clamp I’ve tried for hanging. All you need is a medium cable clamp, a hot glue gun, and some string. The glue gun is used to “build up” the inside of the clamp to create the two sides of the clamp, much like two dowels I’ve seen on other clamping systems.

The hot glue can be molded and smoothed out with the tip of the glue gun or smoothed further with a heat gun or over a burner on the stove (just don’t melt the plastic, or burn yourself!). The hot glue cools quite rigid.

The string is attatched permanently to one side of the clamp then looped through the weight you are using and then a loop on the other end of the string slides over the handle on other side of the clamp.


I have been using a weighted clamp for about 6 weeks now. I simply just tied a strip of leather through the little hole then tied on a one pound leather bag filled with buckshot. I have experimented with heavier weight but found anything over a pound is much pressure. I like the idea of using hot glue instead of super glue, which always wears out for some reason, and I never thought of looping rebutted end around the latch before. Thank you for the inspiration on that one.

I’ve been experimenting with different cushioning but have so far settled on first wrapping the base with tennis grip tape and then stretching a long ribbed cock ring or strip of a masturbation sleeve with a groove cut down the middle. I found the synth skin provides enough comfort without bunching up undercuts clamp.

What do you think?

I wouldnt do this. I don’t see you being able to hang an effective weight, plus the way you are attaching one side could release the ratchet mechanism. An AFB is far more practical, safer and very easy to make.

Originally Posted by marinera
How you center the downward force?

It actually balanced quite well.

The loop end hangs almost perfectly across from where the string attaches on the other side of the clamp and the friction of the loop stopped the clamp from tipping.

Also, keep in mind that I was only using 2 to 3 pounds while I was trying it out, but was able to hang and swing the weight in small circles without anything disconnecting.

I know it’s not the next big thing, it’s just a thing, which was built with what I had at the time.

You’re going to want to be very careful with weighted clamping at first as it creates much more pressure towards the head. What I have noticed is the only real draw back is that you have to check on the clamp and make sure it doesn’t slip forewords every five to ten minutes.
For anyone curious about it I would describe the sensation being similar to pumping with a cock ring on except without the fluid buildup under the skin. Quite pleasurable when not overdone.

Btw, cantlook where did you get the 3d model from? Is it an online program or loaded from store bought CDs ?

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