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Side effects of hanging?

Side effects of hanging?


I’m just writing to find out what the side effects of hanging are? If there are any.

I’ve been doing it for a couple of days now and dont seem to have any problems except a mild dull aching sensation when NOT hanging mid-shaft, later that day or the next. It’s not painful but feels different.

I’m starting on 1.5kg for 3x7 min sets. I would say my penis is quite conditioned from jelqing and stretching.

Am I possibly hanging too much?

Or are these feelings normal?
Thanks for any help

One side effect is a longer penis..:D

Rest more.


I’m using a bib.

Using 1.5kg for 7 minutes really shouldn’t be producing much compression strain at the clamp point.

It sounds to me like too much padding/wrapping - and as a result, too much tightening is required.

Bib told me to reduce the amount of wrap when I discussed this with him. I now use a wrap and a half of sweatshirt material and a barber-pole wrap of about 15 inches of Theraband. Seems counter-intuitive, but it worked.

Sorry to bump.

One side effect I’m seeing is having my balls hanging lower. Also my sack skin is more loose than before.

Did anybody experience something similar?

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