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Should I give up jelquing for hanging?

Should I give up jelquing for hanging?

Hi guys:

I’ve been doing PE for over 4 months now and I am a little frustrated. I see some guys have less time than me and already seeing gains, sometimes over an inch in two months?. WTF ? I started with the newbie routine for almost a month then decided to start hanging since I did not see any gains at all from the newbie routine, except flacid increase in size but not much. gains that disapear after two or three days rest.
I think my problem is that I tried to combine different methods of training but always working out at least 3 or 4 times a week. Once I started to get a grip of my routine decided to switched for a new one, that is how I got into hanging. I ordered the Bib and started my routine, devoting almost two to three hours of PE a day.
Three weeks ago I decided to hang only at mid-day and jelq for 30 minutes in the morning, previous hot wrap before and after and 5 min. of streching was done.
Should I give up jelquing for hanging, since my penis is engorged due to the morning excersises and is a bit difficult to hang after the first set due to fluids build up under the glans?
I devoted a lot of time in the last 4 months. I could not do any of my PE routine in my house due to privacy. I had to rent an office only to do my workout and it is costing me a lot of money just to keep up with this PE thing.
Please let me know what you think. I’m aiming for lenght first. My measurements started at 5.75 bpel. 4.75 eg. after four months I think a gained a little less than a 1/4 and almost a 1/4 in girth. that goes away after a break of 2 or 3 days.
Excuse if my writing is not perfect since english is my second language. Thanks.

It is perfectly fine to jelq along with the hanging. Many do this. If the fluid is a problem, you could always jelq after you hang each day. But you’ll probably get use to this as you hang more.

However, if you are going for length now, I recommend that you invest as much time as you can into the hanging. If you can’t hang for many hours each day, you might want to consider using an ADS when you cannot hang. But don’t replace any part of your hanging with the ADS.

The sad fact is that length gains come easily to some and are hard to impossible for others. The same is true for girth. Girth has been fairly easy for me; length extremely difficult, and I’ve been at it for a lot longer than you! But in my opinion, hanging is the way to go, as lone as you have the time and privacy.

Follow all the advice here: Work up to a regular routine slowly, so as to avoid injury. But once you’ve built up to this point, you should be hanging to fatigue for as many hours each day that you can.

Best of luck.

thnaks motivated

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