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Shilow's thoughts on hanging.


Well done, ThunderSS !

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The evidence for my thinking resides in the penis itself. If you hold the glans and stretch, what actually stretches? For all practical purposes it is the skin around the base as a result of the inner penis being extracted. If you try to stretch the penis in another fashion e.g. Hold the glans and grab just above the base and try to stretch the mid-shaft, you will find it almost impossible the fibrous bands that attach the penis resist any extensible action. It’s resistance is extreme, you can no more stretch that physiology than you can stretch your middle finger.

From this example you should conclude that the shaft of the penis (exposed shaft) is virtually static in it’s physical form and only extends based upon regulatory or parasympathetic actions and sexual stimulus. All lengthening derived from hanging and stretching actions are a result of recovery of the inner penis.

If this is the case we must perform actions that reveal the inner penis. What keeps the inner penis from showing? There is skin that it hides behind, there are ligatures that keep it retracted, and there is insufficient blood supply/pressure that keeps it from full engorgement. If these areas are improved, it is my opinion and maybe Shilow’s (whos Shilow?) that significant lengthening can be achieved.


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