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Shifting Location of Soreness

Shifting Location of Soreness

Well since folks is whining about the lack of posts….

Background - I hang straight down with about 17 pounds. My LOT is still 8ish. Been hanging for a couple of years now with summers off, and about 1.75 EL gain to show for it. Gains have slowed way down of course.

In the last two months I’ve noticed a shift in the primary location of soreness from the top of the penis/pubic bone interface to more underneath the shaft inside my body. Do you suppose that indicates a trend towards more tunica workout than ligs?

Where do those of you who have low LOTs which hang OTS have soreness?


My LOT is 7:30 and when I hang OTS I feel it where the tunica is deeply anchored, all the way back to my anus.

I wonder if all your SD hanging has stretched your suspensory ligament to the point where your fundiform ligament is now your limiting factor for SD hanging. The fundiform ligament is like a sling so maybe what you feel is the tightening of that sling.

When I shifted from SD to OTS I found I could not hang as much without some discomfort. I have found that any shifting of angle seems to take some time to get used to.

If the fundiform IS the limiting factor, what can you do about it—what specific exercises target the fundiform? Sorry if this is a redirection on this thread.

Shifting areas of soreness sounds GOOD. That would mean we are targeting and breaking through different limiting factors.

I just got my bib starter….its great

I took two weeks off from discomfort from my old hanger and now am starting again now that i got my BIB but all the stress feels like its on the shaft (i hang BTC for LIGS) …i was using 17 lbs. and hitting the ligs but now i can’t get 10 pounds off the ground because of the stress on the shaft

Any thoughts as to if this on from the BIB’s grip or if it is because i haven’t done a PE workout in two weeks and my shaft/tunica internally “tightened up” which why it is recieving all the stress? ( if from the BIB- am i just going to have to stretch the tunica for now?)

Grower - I would try to go OTS or OTL if I was you. Nothing better than changing things up to spark new growth.

The Tiger -
I don’t believe it is from the Bib. For the most part I think the Bib is very comfortable.

Stress on the shaft is a good thing, that’s where you want it. What is your LOT? Do you think that perhaps you have stretched your ligs as far as you can for the time being? If so then maybe the best thing for you is to try OTS or OTL at this point.

It may just be that you have to get readjusted because of the differences between your two hangers too. Give the Bib a little time, then as you start to feel more comfortable in it, up the weight some to see how it feels.

Remember to always make sure it is tight to avoid slipping off.

Going for 7.5X6, then 8.5X6.5, then who knows. Girth Brooks - "Didn't get any real gains until I started shutting my cock in a car door and then falling back."

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