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Setups for hanging

Setups for hanging

I wish there was a thread where people posted pictures of their hanging setups. In the past, I’ve used a simple C-clamp clamped to the backside of my desk and a pulley with built-in hook connected to it as a very simple and easily stashable SO hanging method. Unfortunately, however, now I have to use a desk that will not allow this setup at all or anything like it because it has a large vertical cross section that makes it impossible to attach anything to the desk without drilling holes or cutting (which also not able to do with this desk).

So now I’m looking for other methods. I’d like to be able to hang straight up, but have never been able to get using my shoulder as a “pulley” to drape rope over to work well. And I would also like to hang all the different angles. Thus, I’ve been eyeing the walls in my bedroom and wondering if, together with a stud finder, I could set up various hooks to which I’d attach pulleys (that I buy from and thereby run ropes to my bed where I could sit or lie etc while hanging.

However, I don’t know the first thing about what kind of hardware I’d need to screw into the walls (ie like diameter of screws and that sortof thing), what kind of risks of tearing up the walls might be involved, etc.

Could people maybe put up some pictures of their setups and maybe tell me a thing or two about how to make pulleys attach to walls? My walls are the common just plasterboard mounted to wood beams.

I have gone through many setups, and many hardware store runs.. Now I like this setup.

I use what looks to be a pulley, about 2” around. It must have the swivel so you can rotate the pulley to your desired direction.

I then use a round eye hook, which is pretty beefy looking. Maybe 2-1/2” long, and a nice thick coarse thread to it. Find a beam with a stud finder, or by busting a lot of holes in your ceiling, and screw it in.

I then use a detachable clip, like the mountain climber people use. This way I can detach the setup when need be, and all that is left is the eye bolt in the ceiling or wall. Paint this white, instead of factory silver, and your even better off of concealing it.

Use some rope that suits the pulley you choose nicely. Mine is some plastic or cotton type rope, that it’s in the groove of the pulley perfectly. The larger diameter pulley, the smoother it will run your weights.

Tie a knot on each end, and set it all up. More detachment points the better. That way you can change angles easier.

I took pictures in the lowest setting, and now I’m pissed cause they are still too large. #@$%

Yeah Please post pics! I would imagine a small pulley allowing the rope to go over it would be best instead of mine just hanging over the railing, as I have to pull for complete tension every few minutes

Pics. Got it to work. First time ever posting pics.

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Are you gaining with your vac?

Honestly, for the hours I have put in, I would so no, I am not gaining. I think the vacu-hanger provides a nice pull, but just want to try something different, maybe where I can adjust the vacuum with a pump.

I also think it would be more beneficial for me, to grip at the base and pull more of the base out for some reason. ?

Tps- are setups looks very similar haha.

I would like to screw an eyebolt or hook or something comparable into the ceiling (in area where stud-finder indicates there’s solid wood) above my bed in order to have something to affix a swivel pulley to.

The problem is I don’t know how to pick one that I could be confident wouldn’t just tear out the wood it is screwed into or something like that. Has anyone here screwed a hook or eyebolt or similar into their ceiling and know how to pick out this kind of hardware?

My ideal would be something that would be as unnoticeable as possible while still being strong enough to be safe and secure. Any suggestions? I would like to be able to have my alarm go off every morning, put vac-hanger on wang, clip pulley into position above bed, and then hang 10-15lbs or so for 30 minutes first thing every morning before getting out of bed.

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An eyebolt with 3/8 inch shank and a wood oriented thread would be fine but if you can get into the attic you could drill all the way through the 2x4 and secure the eyebolt using a flat washer and nut. That would hold more weight than any wood screw ever would.

So, I’ve been going around my ceiling with a stud finder trying to find solid wood to get a long eyebolt into for the hitching up of a pulley. But every time the device tell me I’m golden, I end up with a hole through plasterboard.

I can’t find anywhere to attach a damn pulley. My whole ceiling is apparently made out of this flimsy ass plasterboard and I think I’m done making useless holes in my ceiling.

I don’t get how you guys do it. I’m in desperate need now of ideas on how to hang pulleys places other than desks. By the way, is it actually common to attach pulleys to walls and ceiling, or was I unusual for trying that?

I would really like to do straight up, but draping the weights and rope over my shoulder doesn’t seem to work worth a damn and at this point I’d be happy just to be able to find any way of hanging in any position other than straight down.

Anybody got anything for me? This is really annoying.

Perhaps you could show some pictures of your desk so some of us can come up with a creative idea to hook up a pulley to your desk without damaging it :)

I wonder if a block to get past the cross section and a modified F-clamp may do the trick.

Why can’t you just get a bungee cord or rope and drape the weight over the back of your chair, and have the weight pulling up on your dick with the top of the hanger resting on your chest?

This is OTS, and is a bit more extreme and targeted of an angle than SU, and a lot more practical than some kind of inspector gadget style pulley system!


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