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Hey guys, i have searched over the board but couldn’t find anything on this topic so i will ask you guys. When you first starting hanging, what kind of sensations did you feel in your unit? me for instance, i feel very very sensative in and around the head from the tip to the circumcission scar. sometimes i can barely touch it. i felt kind of like this when i first starting jelqing. I also feel a sharp throbbing, not a pain, just a feeling come and go every now and then. Are these signs of growth or signs of overdueing it? thanks

I haven’t felt these sensations, but my guess would be overly tight hanger?


1) the hanger you’re using
2) the wrapping style you use
3) your routine (time and weight)


It could be several things. First, do you have a lot of blood in the head when you hang? Is it bulging? You can actually squeeze the blood out of the head when before you tighten the hanger. Also, how close is your wrap to the head? If it is riding over the head during hanging, it could cause irritation. When I first started, my glans got so sore that I could hardly walk. It takes a while to condition your unit to hanging. Just keep at it, keep the blood out of the head AMAP and keep the wrap behind the glans.

Good luck


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I am using a Bib starter, between 12.5 and 10lbs. i wrap first with an ace bandage kinda wrap then i wrap theraband on top of that. last week i was using 2 sets for 20 minutes. I did notice a bulging head but it was very confortable and it didn’t hurt any although after my session the head does feel “jelqued”. I wrap behind the glans just like the pictures on the wrapping post shows and i also connect the bib starter behind the ridge. what i haven’t done is squeezing blood out of the head which is what i will try tonite. thanks


Maybe you can try wrapping like this as well as squeezing the blood out of your head…this is an excerpt from my post yesterday…

“Maybe you aren’t wrapping properly before hanging. I first wrap with a strip of rubber that I cut off some rubber gloves. I wrap from the base all the way over the head of the penis. I do not stop before the glans. When I did that, the skin would bunch up around the glans. The rubber wrap, because of its texture, does not slip and allow for the bunching up of skin. Then I wrap with two more cotton wraps for added comfort and protection. I think the key for me is wrapping over the glans instead of stopping before the glans. Just my two cents.”

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Do you get the throbbing feeling all the way around the head or one one side?

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its all the way around the head. thanks to these posts, the sensation is lessening, but i have so much skin and thick skin at that, it makes it quite a challenge to wrap. sometimes i get it perfect sometimes i don’t. usually by the third set, i can’t hand btc or straight down anymore i have to hang overshoulder because of the discomfort in the head.

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