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Vacuum hangers are way better in my opinion, I’ve tried the clamp-style hangers before and I’ve never figured out how to wrap and things like that. Bib has always claimed he gained 4.5” length and 2” girth if I remember correctly yet he never has any proof, never post any instructions pictures/videos on how to hang properly, instead of that he used a lot of WORDS and explainations to decribe the technique, something fishy was going on if you know what I mean. His 11,5” x 6.5” penis is like.eh.. Invisible.

Agree 100%. I personally don’t believe his claims. I think his hanger is a “good” hanger and I don’t really want to hear what he has to say. I mean hanging is hanging. It’s not rocket science. You can’t really screw up with a BIB.

That said, there are a lot of guys online that I trust who said they gained 2-3” with a BIB hager. May not be the 4.5” he claims but 2-3 ” ain’t nothing to scoff at. Hell, 1” is good. 1”>0” imo.

This account is another iteration of the previously banned deadwood187 (see his previous end). He delights in trolling this board for some reason.