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Self retracting line?

Self retracting line?

I’m trying to find some kind of “self retracting” rope with a pressure guage, almost like a dog leash looking thing, where you can adjust it to retract at 5 pounds one night and 15 pounds the next.

That would be my perfect setup. Snap on my new redi-stretcher, attach line, and click on the heat lamp. 30 second setup, and i’d get a great stretch while working / doing email.

Anyone know if they make something like this? If so where to get it?

If not, any ideas on how i could go about making it?

Anyone have any ideas here?

My 2c is that the rope has to be fixed at both ends unless you are using hanging weights.

It has to be fixed at your end (dick) and to something immovable/solid to pull against. If you just used a simple length of elasticated rope with a spring balance attached to it you could “pull” whatever tension you wanted.

The point I’m trying to make is that the self retracting line is over complicating things because if you have to use your body to resist the pull of the device, you may as well get rid of it and use your body in the same way to create the pull in the first place.

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go buy a fishscale at walmart :)

tie a string to the hook thing you put in the fish’ mouth and voila

ok. that’s not the point at all. If i’m relaxing in my chair, i don’t want to have to worry about the constant force exerted on my dick. I want to pull the line, attach it, and then lay back.
There would be so many benefits.

1. everything would retract and store itself on the wall.
2. you wouldnt have to worry about sitting a certain way much, you could just “set it and forget it” (till your egg timer goes off)
3. you’d be able to add weight, or increase resistance, by turning a knob (this would be ideal)

Anyone know how to build such a contraption?

But you would have to be stationary, or this gizmo would have to be attached to your body like a stretcher, to keep the resistance/weight the same all the time. Unless you built in a feedback mechaism that automatically adjusted the tension/weight once a second or something.

Check out some of PEnine’s (damn I wish he would stop changing his user name) posts in the Hanger Forum. He has some different setups that he uses.

Here is one to start you off:

All of the above excepting SMOKE

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