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Scavenger hunt - flat plastic for Piet's hanger?


I previously forgot to mention I put the PVC in a glass dish when I put it in the oven.


Can I use iron/steel instead of plastic?

I think iron/steel could very well work better. The PVC sides of all my hangers only bend a little when I start using them which makes them comfortable in use, however after a couple months the sides start to bend too much for proper use. This won’t happen with iron or steel. This thread is about the hanger with grooves in them, the hanger from my signature with the ridges will be a better choice for your material. When using rigid material like wood or what you think of using you can also add a hinge.


If the PVC is that rigid how do you bend it for use? The one picture I saw was a flat piece and one picture it seemed to curve from the pressure..

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The PVC isn’t all that rigid actually, a couple minutes in the oven will make it soft enough to flatten. The in use pictures show bended sides because of the pressure I use for tightening. If you really want to use PVC instead of metal/wood make sure to use doublelayered sides.


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