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Reverse Kegal while Hanging?

Reverse Kegal while Hanging?

I was wondering if anyone is doing reverse kegals while hanging? It was talked about last year I think. I believe it does help speed time to fatigue, although I have to “think” to do it. Simulates one of DLD’s exercises.

Actually, I’m not sure if I’m doing a true reverse kegal - it’s more like I’m trying to “push one out”.



I tried the blasters while hanging for a bit and found them very intense. I think many guys are doing this while hanging now.

When I was hanging for gains, I consistantly did normal kegals. Multi-tasking. After a while, you don’t even have to think about it.



>Actually, I’m not sure if I’m doing a true reverse kegal - it’s more like I’m trying to “push one out”.<

Sounds like you’re doing it right to me.


Yeah I used to do kegels too before blasters were invented, to try to get circulation flowing through.

But anyway, this thread reminds you of a question I meant to ask you - if reverse kegels push the tunica out to hit the ligs more when doing BTC, would a normal kegel hit the tunica more when hanging SO/OTS? I think I can feel something but it may be my imagination…



A kegal, when hanging above the LOT, should tend to put more stress on the tunica, provided the ligs were taking any stress to begin with.


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