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Just after a hanging session (45-60 min) my penis tends to lose just a small fraction of length and it seems that the more intense the session, the more my penis “retreats” back inside me. My question: is this normal? Also would using an ADS afterwards prevent this from happening or should I allow this to happen?

BTW, I want to maximize my base girth if that has any bearing on responses.

I’m starting to like this hanging thing…

Yes, it is completely normal for your penis to retract after hanging. This is just one of the many side effects of a good workout. The good news is, in time, the retreated dick will be larger than the one you have now. :)


Using an ADS after hanging sounds like a great idea. I do it.

My unit tries to hide after hard stretching sessions and hanging

Mine does the same thing, but not always. Haven’t quite figured out what conditions create it.


I get a case of turtle syndrome also. I prevent it by traction wrapping after I finish (normally for an hour or two). Get a very nice flaccid hang after that!

Aight good to hear, I kinda figured it was a good sign. I know I’m starting to grow for the first time in probably a year (also the first steady routine I’ve been on in a long while).

Yeah Thunder, you know “Aight, later dude!”

Sorry! Couldn’t resist!!

Woops, I forgot I’m not talking on AOL Instant Messanger. I’ll try to be more aware of my international buddies from now on. :)


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