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hi everybody!

well, is there a need for a much bigger rest? i mean: i’m 5 days on, and 2 days off … which has nothing to do with THE rest, that i mean by now

what i mean is: “is there a need for a rest, for about 1 or 2 weeks, (or even longer)” for no overtraining?

it this is necessary, can somebody tell me, when and how often these rests must be made?

Lost Guitar,

It really depends on the person. I’ve taken breaks of a couple of weeks before when my erection quality (EQ) is down. I recommend getting a feel for it, by gradually increasing the level of training you go for, and if you experience difficulties, then scale it back.

Similarly, if you gain well for a few months but then stop gaining or only gain slowly for several months, you could try an extended break in an attempt to decondition the tissues, and allow for more growth.

Bottom line? You need to experiment. :)

I’ve been on a 5 on 2 off routine, since I started hanging.

All I did was to strengthen my ligs! Just as I was really hitting fatigue and was forced to start dropping weight (end of the week) I would break for two days and start the whole process again!

Not anymore! Now I just keep riding the fatigue until I can’t take it, then I will take a break.

Originally Posted by lost Guitar

can somebody tell me, when and how often these rests must be made?

You will defenitely know when it is time to take day off. I’ve been on a 7 days a week 3-4 hours a day schedule. Well, today I had to take a day off,my penis was “pooped”,I ran out of places to attach the hanger(shaft soreness), when I coughed my whole midsection ached(I’m not complaining about that), I couldn’t complete a 7 min. set. I didn’t see the need to drop weight any more. In short, you will know when you TRY to write a check bigger than your dick can cash, or at least I hope so.



I would say you surely reached total fatigue. Be careful.


Thanks for the heads up, Bigger. Yes, it seems I have reached the point where if I would have continued, I more than likely would have been pushing the risk/reward relationship too much. I am glad to have gotten to this state, I learned a lot by doing so.



I’ve got to that stage once. It was a wonderful wicked feeling for me that week. I stopped hanging towards the end of that week because my unit was so sore and worked out when weight was applied even at half my max.

It was using the SO position. If however I was more compentent at hanging and had the OTS method of hanging better worked out then I would of continued to hang in this secondary position.

I am wanting eagerly to get back to this state again. It was wonderful to reach it after one year of hanging and learning.

Keep on keeping on.

And by the way. My belief at the moment on rest is basically what Andrew69 talked about. i.e. Why rest if you don’t need it. Stuff the days of the week. They mean bugger all. After all does ones unit know what day of the week it is?


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