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Rest during hanging regimen?

Rest during hanging regimen?

Hello everybody.

I started a hanging regimen in the 2nd May. I am using a Bib Hanger and hanging 3-4 15 minute sets per day (with 11 pounds). I jelq 2-3 times per week.

I started with 7 pounds, but could never feel any fatigue, so I upped it gradually until I got to 11 pounds. I feel fatigue now.

My question is: I have been hanging everyday, no rest days. Except for some irritation of the tip of my penis head, I got no negative signs. I mean, I get good morning wood everyday, my erections are hard, my libido is ok, my flacid size has not decreased.

Inspite of that, should I still have some rest days in my regimen, even if there aren’t any negative signs?

I am a true hard gainer, I’ve been PEing on and off for almost 2 years with almost ZERO results. It’s very hard to be consistent when I’m doing this for so long without any visible results. Still, I am ALWAYS consistent in the first 2-3 months, hoping for some gains.

In conclusion, should I rest?
Thank you

Most of the posters I have read indicate that the growth takes place during the recovery (rest) times, and not the stress times. I think the recommendation is 5 days a week on hanging. The micro-tears created during that time need to heal to get the benefit of the stress, and thus, the enlargement.

Originally Posted by beowulf
Most of the posters I have read indicate that the growth takes place during the recovery (rest) times, and not the stress times. I think the recommendation is 5 days a week on hanging. The micro-tears created during that time need to heal to get the benefit of the stress, and thus, the enlargement.

But shouldn’t we be “riding” the fatigue? If you get rest days, we’ll be loosing that fatigue, right?

I would say to take a look at the hanging 101 thread and some others in the hangers forum. I am sure you will find an answer there. nobody seems to recommend over training, so be wise. Like i said, rest days, for repair, are where the gains cement.

I hope I am not incorrect here but my understanding is that Bib himself does not advocate or should I say does not see the need to rest unless there is some sort of injury situation.

Therefore I only rest if I have no way of hanging due to say logistics, which in 8+ month has not been often.

I am not really gaining as I would like and wonder if maybe I should try a 5-day hang week vs. a 7-day week.

I did get the new sleeves for my vacu-hanger that are made to handle more weight so I was able to jump up about 3 lbs. to 222.5 lbs. for a much more comfortable hang. Hopefully that will kick in some gains.

Either way, I still hang to achieve fatigue and then drop weight so as to ride that fatigue for the remainder of a given set.

So what does one do after newbie, advanced newbie, and 8+ month of hard core hanging to gain length? Is it a matter now of pure time and lots of it as in months and years to squeeze out modest gains on the order of 1/8” - 1/4” per year?

I’ve been wondering the same thing about gains myself. Sometimes I really wonder what the hell is going on with this PE stuff. I know just how you feel baywatch, I’ve been back at it now for 5 mths with the Max-Vac and have to say I have seen some modest gains since Febuary but when does the “big” gains start to kick in???? How many months, years, decades does it take!

I think rest days are important to deal with soreness and to let your unit heal if it needs to, other than that I’d say just keep on keeping on. On the flip side though, 5-7 days straight of hanging heavy weight is rough on the ole noodle! I’ve been doing 5 on 2 off @ 11lbs p/d (1.5hrs) but I’m thinking something like 4 on 3 off may be better for recovery, but hell who knows I’ve tried them all since starting over 5 yrs ago and haven’t found the right answer to this puzzle yet.


I’d say use your best judgement about rest days. If you feel you need to rest a day or 2 then do so. You know the human body needs daily rest to recovery right? why not the same for the penis? Everyone is different in regard to PE. Maybe a day off in the middle of your routine for rest would be better.

I’ve taken to Bib’s way and going every day, AM and PM. I want to keep at the tissues. They immediately start to heal when not stressed. They don’t wake up the next day with me and say, “hey dude - you’re not hanging, right? so we’re gonna heal”. (sorry, just had to humanize my stuff there - hehe). Bib’s point is that the collagenous (aaaack! can’t spell that) begin to harden up and impede future growth, as you must bust through and deform them to get to fatigue again, if you go too long without hanging. So if you wait too long, it becomes a case of 1 step forward, 1 step backwards.

Anyhow, yeah I try to go every day. BUT, if I can’t get to it, I don’t worry about it. Life has to go on, and I’ve found that out. You just get back to it when you can. This is a long term thing, not a race where every moment counts, for me.

If you can’t hack everyday, then so be it. Or don’t want to. Fine. But make yourself happy along the way, and you’ll enjoy whatever you get all the more.

My 2 lbs.

Oh, here’s another point about healing with regard to taking rest days.

It’s primarily done at nighttime, regardless whether it’s your penis or your muscles or whatever. This is when the hGH flows greatest through your body, promoting healing and so forth. Also the building of new tissues.

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