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Remek;Mirror and palpation test

Goon, I like workin’ ;) I’m what you might call a workaholic (if it is something I am interested in).

I had a teacher in college once tell me that he didn’t truly understand his field of study until he started teaching it. He was a composition teacher, and I believe it applies here.

Also, for anyone else who is reading. Simon found a much better way to palpate.
Basically, lay down with your legs parallel to the ground — at no angle whatsoever.
Now, with your legs staying on the ground, slightly raise your upper body off the ground (a few inches), and then palpate.

In reference to your picture, the pubic bone doesn’t go up that way. Or, at least none of the pubic bones I have seen do. Maybe slightly, as in my picture, but not on the scale you are referring.

Either way, the penis probably can’t exit up there. I am guessing the highest exit point is on the front face (see graphic I posted before).

I attached the other picture you requested.

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TGC Theory | Who Says The Penis Isn't a Muscle?

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Here is the picture with the drawings.

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Hi Remek,

Suppose I have

1- LOT - 8.30
2- Mirror- Between High n Medium
3- Palaption Result - 3.75 ’ inches

What is my rough gain potential from Ligs stretch n Tunica stretch?(Can you give me some rough estimate )

Can you give some more pictures regarding Mirror test in form of some diagram ?As it becomes difficult to visualize and judge what is high or what is low attachment point.


Thanks in advance.


You replied to a two year old thread. I don’t know if this forum is sensitive about that type of thing.. But since it’s already been done, maybe I’ll post too..

I spent a solid hour trying to find the exact point where my pubic bone curved downward for the palpitation test (I read about the test initially on another forum) and it wasn’t until I read this thread, and saw the pictures, xrays, etc that I was finally able to identify where that curve in my pubic bone was. I’m not fat (1/2” fatpad above my upper shaft exit point)—I think the other threads (on a different forum) I read were just too vague.


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