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Redi-Stretcher, Bib Hanger, Capt Wrench or Other?

Redi-Stretcher, Bib Hanger, Capt Wrench or Other?

I have been here for a while researching this site and several others. I now believe I am ready to hang as I have researched for over a year on this subject. My ligaments are VERY tight and I want to get to that 8.5 incher I set as a goal. My question to you guys is which hanging device do you suggest or prefer to use?

Thanks in advance for your help.

If you are handy at all, the most cost effective way to go is the Captn’s Wench. (That’s Wench not wrench) It is also a very effective hanger that is comfortable and easy to use.

Thanks for the reply and the advice (on the spelling and the device). Should I expect the same gains with it?

I would rather recommend a vacuum hanger

Later - ttt

Any particular reason why? Have you used any of the others? What are your reasons?

Hanging is hanging. One of the most important factors is comfort and the wench is comfortable. Another important factor is ease of use and the wench is easy to use. Another important factor is advertising kicks backs from the Captn and….just kidding. ;)

I love the Wench (actually, Wenchette), but my recent experiences with vacuum hanging have left my Wenchette and Bib Hanger collecting dust in my drawer. As long as you stay away from heavy weights, nothing IMO beats vacuum hanging for ease and comfort. Heavy weights are possible with a vacuum hanger (I’ve done up to 15#), but things get more complicated and you must be careful to avoid blisters.

I hope you’ll do some research into vacuum hangers before you make your final decision.

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