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Ready to Jump on the Boat


Ready to Jump on the Boat

Alright guys, I’ll give you all a little history before I get into this all. About a year and a half ago I spent 50 bucks on one of those “natural enlargement” websites. I know, if I had know about this forum It would have been a waste, but I wasn’t lucky enough to have stumbled onto it yet. So from that website I learned about warming up, jelquing, and manual stretching. I did this off and on for about a year and half. Had what I thought was decent gains, went up 1/4 inch in girth, and almost a half inch in bpel. So after reading somewhere about hanging I decided I’d make my own little homemade gizmo. It’s consisted of only a piece of ace bandage that I cut a hole on one end, and slide the other end through that hole to form a “noose” principal hanger. This allowed me to hang about 7 pounds for around 20 minutes but my head was turning all kinds of dark, going numb, and a have a ring around my head that is smaller in girth than it used to be. Needless to say after finding this site I stopped the torture. Btw only did that for a few weeks. Now after a few weeks of reading here I think I am finally ready to step up to the plate. It sucks that the bib’s have been raised to 120 bucks, cuz for a college kid that is food for a month. (btw if anybody is looking to sell a used bib let me know :) But I understand that even at 120 bucks they are still probably worth every penny. From what I have read it seems hanging and working on length first seems to be the way to go. I will go this route and work on girth next year. I plan to hang for a year and eventually reach my goal somewhere in this year. My current measurements are.

BPEL- 8”

EG-5.5 (mid shaft) 5.75 (base)

I didn’t included any flaccid measurements becuase my flaccid size varies so much it’s not really reliable.

My goal is to be “straight 8” in length non bone pressed. When I’m errect I want my girlfriend to see a full 8 inches, or to feel when the wedding day comes in a couple years. My girth goal is to be 6 in. Does this seem resonable, and acutally attainable in two years? thanks patrons, I look forward to your responses.


Welcome aboard a board - I’m sure you’ll find a wealth of information that’ll help you reach your goal.

I’m basically in the same position as you (college guy, with roughly the same measurements), so I’ll be interested in hearing your progress - and how you plan on hanging in a dorm without raising any suspicions :)

While I sprung for a Bibhanger (and thus don’t look forward to this years cost-dependent diet of dog-food and beans), I haven’t got around to using it too much but hope, like you, to devise a routine combining hanging and jelqing to achieve a realistic goal.

Best of luck,

If your goal is to gain just .5” in both length and girth in 2 yrs its very attainable and since you say money is tight I feel your goals can be reached by manual excerises which cost you nothing but time…the bib is excellent though and worth atleast double the price of $120…I’m quite envious of your starting stats but I still wish you luck in your pe goals.

More insight...

Hey bros thanks for the replies so far. To answer the inquary about hangin in a dorm….thank god this is my second year and I was able to move into a house with some buddies and have my own room upstairs will a lock on the door. Not to mention neither of my roomates are home at the same time as me very often and we all repsect each other’s privacy.

Ok here’s a question for you guys. Untill I can afford the hanger, which will be about 3 weeks max. Do you think I should just jelqing and sqeezes? I want more length for the obvious reasons but it seems chicks dig the girth. Not that is matters all much considering my fiance` is a “V” so up to date the largest thing that’s been is her is my finger. 1 finger that is. She’s a very small girl. But something about having 6” girth seems really attractive to me.

lil12big1 I’ve been reading alot of your post and I saw (correct me if I’m wrong) that you’ve added at least an inch in length in 3 months. If I could do that I’d be sitting pretty. I was wondering if it would be benifitial to hang 2 or 3 times a day, morning, lunch, and evening doing 3X 20 minutes. On m,w,and f, I could definatly get 6 sets in, and since I dont’ have classes on tuesday and thursday I could get in 9 sets. (1 set=20 minutes of hanging) I would of course start off low weight and gradually increase through the coarse of the three months. But 1 inch in 3 months would put me right at 9 bpel. That would be just great. Bib, jelktoid, phat9, feel free to give me your thoughts as well, you guys seem to be some of the many wealths of knowlegde around here. Thanks Guys



If you are fishing for more length (sorry, I just couldn’t resist) then there are a couple of things that you could pursue. The Bib hanger will definitely get you there. However, with such a good starting length, you should be able to reach your goals by stretching and jelqing. Try using a lot of moist heat, before and after your PE. Do V stretches whenever you can - in the shower, etc. Do behind the leg stretches. Do AI stretches (do a search to learn more about them) and jelq at about 50 - 60 % erect. This will get you to your 9” bpel. If you want to get a Bib, go ahead. I have 2 and I won’t give them up. They are that good. Your time estimate for reaching your goals seems reasonable. In fact, I think that you will get there much sooner. One word of caution. If you get to 6” girth, you will have to shoehorn it into your girlfriend (future wife). It’s not as much of a problem after a woman has a kid or two, but the girth is what gets them.
when I jelqed extensively, I was almost 6” girth and my wife really noticed. I have lost a little since I went exclusively to hanging, but I know I will get the girth back after I reach my length goals. I am an inch shorter than you and I have the same goal.

Good luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Well, hurry up, Tigerbass. Jump on, because we use Bib’s dick for the anchor and soon he’ll pull it outta the water.

Hey Jelqtoid thanks for the response, I have tried alittle manaual stretching before I just can’t seem to keep a good grip on him to feel like i’m having any kind of affectivness and after my little experiment with hanging I think I like that much much better. This semester fortunatly I’m taking alot of classes that require lots of reading so I’ll have plent of time to hang.

Hey guys, I told my girlfriend about the forum. I told her that I was gonna do the exercises and stuff if for nothing else than the over all health of my penis. She thought that was great. I told her I wasn’t really sure if it was possible for a penis to grow (why do we all want to keep this secret to ourselves?) haha, but it might happen. Her response, “Too much of a good thing is gonna be bad”. “If you get any bigger you’re not gonna be able to go all the way in, therefore you won’t enjoy it, and I won’t enjoy it becuase you aren’t enjoyin it.”……lesson to all. Chances are, not many guys need anything bigger than 8. But like I said I’m acutally doing it for the overall health more than anything, but what’s 1 more inch gonna hurt :)


Wlecome aboard-always nice to have another coonass on here…..

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God


> Her response, “Too much of a good thing is gonna be bad”. “If you get any bigger you’re not gonna be able to go all the way in, therefore you won’t enjoy it, and I won’t enjoy it becuase you aren’t enjoyin it.”……lesson to all. <

Well, from my experience, the extra length is all good. I enjoy it almost no matter how much is in.

The thing is, my wife, and I think other women also, like differing amounts at different times. At the beginning of a session, not much, but toward orgasm, she seems to want as much as possible. I can provide this from any angle or position which is a big plus.


thanks for the responses...

Hey fellow coonass, send me a pm and tell me where you at in this great state……be careful, got a “hairicane” on our asses!

And bigger, what do you think about my purposed routine. Try to hang 9 sets a day for 3 months. I would like to do like lil12big1 and get around an inch in this time frame. Also, should I start with the regular bib or starter? I’m about 7 1/4 streched flaccid non bone pressed….?


>Also, should I start with the regular bib or starter? I’m about 7 1/4 streched flaccid non bone pressed….? <

You are big enough already. You do not need to hang. hehe.

The regular should work fine.



I currently am hanging all day- and have been for most of the month, so here is some advice if you want it since you are planning to put in 9 sets. Start out with a couple of pounds, and maybe experiment up to 5 in the first week or so. Do not be hot to add weight- in other words, check your ego at the door. I went up to 10 lbs in the first few days and realized it was WAY too much, at which point I checked my ego at the door and went down to a 7.5 lbs starting weight. After another ego check I now hang at 5 lbs most of the time, and by the end of the day I am hanging 1 or 2 lbs- and my ligs are sore most of the time. As a newbie, you don’t need a lot of weight to get results, and once you go up in weight there is no turning back, so stay at the lowest weight you can for as long as you continue getting the lig soreness. Hope this helps :)

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Hey bro, thanks for the reply. I will take your advice and find a good comfortable low weight. Btw guys, as of today my bib hanger it on its way!!! wooo hoo. Can’t wait to start hangin. Me and my girl are taking 3 months away from fooling around for various reasons. But on New Years’ the pants come down :) I want there to be some changes by then.

I’m also “ball stretching”. I’ve always had a pretty tight sac and I want it to hang at least in porportion with my penis. Have any of you guys had any luck with strecthing your sacs out?

Just want to add that Bigger is a stand up class act. Can’t wait to recieve his product.

Anyone else find it hard to get that same “rock hard’ erection when measuring. When I’m with my girl sometimes I think I could drive nails with it, but when it comes time to measure I can’t get anywhere near that hard.

Anyone had luck with PC exercises that have helped with harder and more frequent errections? Also when I was younger and smaller (I’m 19) my penis when errect stood parrell with my body (straight up) now it just kinda is perpendicular with a slight angle up….is it becuase of the size and wieght? Or is it that my errections are weaker? Thanks bros

Re: 2in2002

>Anyone had luck with PC exercises that have helped with harder and more frequent errections?

Yeah PC excercises have meant that I get massively harder erections and I barely subside after ejaculation so I can just carry on :) The downside is I often can’t get rid of an erection for 5-10 mins. I’m also trying Male Response at the mo’ and have tried Veromax, some people say they help but I can’t quantify how/if they have.

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